5 Massive Fantasy Football Draft Day Tips to win!

5 Massive Fantasy Football draft day tips!

  1. Don’t follow the herd
  2. Robust or bust
  3. Be confident
  4. Balance your roster
  5. Aim High on the depth charts

Let’s dive into some key points for each tip here.

1. Don’t follow the herd

Following the mainstream consensus fantasy football rankings won’t help you win your leagues. You need to think outside the box and realize that they are pretty much copy-and-paste rankings from last year’s top finishers. If you do what everyone else is doing you will not be ahead of the curve.

Sometimes you may have to reach on players that you believe in and avoid players that the top so-called experts believe in.

2. Robust or Bust

Secure the most scarce position in fantasy football which is the RB position. Don’t sleep on drafting workhorse RBs early on. There are literally like 9 RBs that have no committee and you need to make sure you have as many of them as possible. Derrick Henry, Najee Harris, and these types of RBs are few and far between.

Don’t believe anyone telling you that ZERO RB strategy is the way to go. This is a lie as there is a ton of depth at the WR position. You must go robust or bust!

3. Be Confident

Know who you are drafting and believe in your picks. Also, you have to anticipate when players are coming off so you don’t get your favorite players sniped in the draft. Doing a ton of mock drafts helps as you will be able to know when your well-researched players come off the boards.

4. Balance your roster

You need a solid balance of upside and secure picks on your fantasy football rosters. Early on you want those guaranteed volume getters and later you want to secure those home run upside players and rookies.

Let your friends and league mates play it safe while you swing for the fences with guys that have upside and could be league winners. The key is making sure they are higher on their depth charts and recommended in the 16 Rounds draft solution. I do all the research for you making sure you make educated choices later on in your drafts.

5. Aim high on depth charts

This fantasy football podcast episode dives more into detail on how to implement these tips, so be sure to watch it all. You can watch it below: