“On the Ball with the GM” 5

Dear Water Polo players, officials, and stakeholders,

So, after 7 days and nights of
rain we had 7 days and nights of drought and we finally have our office back to
normal (with a carpet that is nice and clean after a thorough rinse)!

There is still a chance that the
whole building will require a major renovation, but that is in the hands of the
insurers and certainly at this stage I do not foresee any major disruption to
Water Polo.

The “Dry” or is it the GM surrounded by his fans?

We want to make your association office and our workspace as inviting as possible and have started to put up some pictures and rearrange things to create more space and a more comfortable setting for people to visit. This is your association so please do come in and say hello! If you would like to drop by then please do let us know in advance if you can, so we can make sure someone is in. Bear in mind that most of the team are employed part time.

Back to normal and ready for visitors!

Go Polo

It was my great
pleasure to host Tim Welsford in Perth over the weekend.

Tim is the
General Manager for Game Development from Water Polo Australia (WPA), and he
came over to meet with as many people as possible, share ideas and listen to
what we were planning in WA.

We work very
closely with WPA on several strategic initiatives and often the distance
between us creates challenges. Opportunities to spend quality time together are

exciting is the support WPA is providing in growth and participation, with both
WPA and WPWA sharing a determination to see more people engage in our sport.

Water Polo
WA Charity Quiz Night

Save the Date!

We are interested to hear from you if you would like to volunteer to help organise the quiz night and or be a member of our Profile Fundraising and Events Committee (PFE). Please just send me an email if you are interested.

WPWA Photo

OK, you were warned! I will be targeting a few people to provide me with some sensational water polo images so that these can be properly displayed in the office along with an inspirational quote that links the image to our values. I will share the pictures with you in due course.

Pathway Program Review

We are now in
the final stages of the review, with the Board and then members of the
Performance Pathway Program Management Committee to be engaged in the first
instance to consider the findings of the report and determine the best way forward.
Anthony and I will be making sure that all Club and Association Presidents
receive feedback on the process and ask that this be shared with all our members.

My personal
experience in high performance, is that the best results come from a combined
effort of all stakeholders and a level of appreciation of what each party
brings to the table. This starts with the player, but involves coaches,
administrators, parents, officials, and external service providers. Above
anything else, I am hoping the review findings will help to show where I can make
the best contribution possible to the process and then where I can assist
others in achieving their part.


Natalie Eastwell

Natalie is a digital marketing professional with five years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, most recently at one of WA’s largest children’s charities. She has a particular interest in graphic design, web development and event management, and in her spare time is a dedicated volunteer and social sport enthusiast.

Natalie is
providing us with valuable services as a consultant in marketing, events and

Growth and Participation

We received several very exciting applicants for our Growth and Participation roles that were advertised a week or so ago. There will be some shortlisting and interviews taking place this week and then some exciting announcements regarding the expansion of our team at WPWA!

WPWA State Teams

Trials for our
state junior teams start this coming weekend and I am very much looking forward
to going to the selection venues (Bicton and UWA) to watch our young talented
players at work.

A general news
update for players/parents/officials will have been circulated on Tuesday, but
we are tracking well and certainly look to be travelling to the Gold Coast and
Melbourne with eight competitive teams.


Following on from last week’s reflection, it occurred to me that if a bunch of card players with hands containing 2s and 3s were to put their hands together, they would have a full house!?

Kevin Knapp

GM Water Polo WA