Meet your WPWA staff team

Meet your WPWA staff team

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I am
delighted to introduce your staff team at WPWA!

It will
take a little while for us to find our feet, but I am very confident that we
will be able to deliver on the strategic objectives of WPWA.

We are committed to providing you all with the services and support you need to enjoy your chosen sport of Water Polo to the full, whether you are a player, coach, official, club administrator or spectator.

Staff Structure

Staff team structure

Who’s on the team and what do they do?

Kevin Knapp – General Manager
I have overall responsibility for the operations of WPWA, for supporting the Board, engaging with our major stakeholders, and generating the revenue that we need to sustain and develop our sport. 

Oliver Fonda

Oliver Fonda – Manager, Club Development & Pathways
I am responsible for club and pathway development. This includes providing the necessary support for the establishment, sustainability and growth of our clubs and associations, and the development of coaches, officials, and administrators. I am also responsible for processes and procedures relating to the selection/appointment of our players, officials, coaches and managers for State Championships and the associated logistical support.

Mia Buswell

Mia Buswell – Manager, Growth & Participation
I am responsible for increasing participation in Water Polo in Western Australia and managing the relationship with Water Polo Australia in the growth and participation space. I have associated responsibilities to secure funding to sustain WPWA resourcing in this critical sector for the sport.

Bruno Barna – Coordinator, Competitions
I am responsible for all things competitions. This includes the calendar for competitions throughout the year and all associated logistics including pool access, umpiring and competition structures.


Renee Rechichi – Officer, Growth & Participation
I work at the “coal face” of participation for WPWA and have a supporting role at the strategic level as well as very much an operation focus on existing participation initiatives like Flippa Ball and Stroll O Polo. I will be driving new participation and inclusion initiatives.

Natalie Eastwell – Profile & Events
I am responsible for building and maintaining the profile of WPWA through its various digital platforms, and I also have a leading role in the delivery of events and fundraising initiatives.

Karina Schultz – Finance & Bookkeeping
I provide bookkeeping services and a level of financial advice/support to WPWA. I also assist with the annual financial audit for the organisation.

Our pledge to each other and to you is a lived experience and commitment to the WPWA values of Unity, Inclusion, Excellence, Respect and Teamwork.

currently have Oliver, Bruno, and myself in the office, with Mia joining us 29
August and Renee early September (Renee will commence working remotely from 22
August). I will provide further clarification regarding contact details for the
members of the team soon.

We have
some challenges to face in the months and years ahead, but also some
significant opportunities. We will do our best to make sure (most importantly)
that you have clarity on all of these. 


Kevin Knapp

anyone has any fun suggestions to name the staff team then please send them
through to me.