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The World ParaVolley Board is pleased to announce that three volunteers were recently awarded their Certificates after “attending” the Women Lead Sports Program sponsored by World ParaVolley and APSO.

Louise Ashcroft, Cristiana Figueira and Lori Okimura completed the course that was conducted virtually over January to March 2022.

Louise said: “It was very helpful and I can think of a few others in our WPV family who might also glean some good tools”

Cristiana said: “It was very interesting and a great learning experience”

Lori said: “I appreciated the opportunity to attend the Women In Leadership / APSO course on behalf of World ParaVolley. It is always helpful to seek opportunities for continued growth and development, and to connect with other women leaders in international sport.”

The course is but one example of how the Board is working on increasing capacity and the capability of the many people who support World ParaVolley as a group of dedicated volunteers.