ITTF Umpires Level Four Course Staged in Laos

Staged at the Landmark Mekong River Hotel in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, the official hotel for the 26th Asian Junior and Cadet Championships, the Lao Table Tennis Federation (LTTF), in conjunction with the International Table Tennis Federation and the Asian Table Tennis Union, recently organised an ITTF Umpires Level Four training initiative.

Commencing on Wednesday 31st August, the itinerary began with an ITTF Level Four Advanced Umpire Training Seminar and the Advanced Rules Examination.

The ITTF experts on duty were Malaysia’s Cyril Sen and Singapore’s Joseph Lau.

In total 20 candidates attended of whom 17 were International Umpires. Eight men and nine women attended Advanced Umpire Training; nine men and eight women were present for the Advanced Rules Examination element.

Overall, seven Asian countries were represented.

“Although the LTTF does not currently have any International Umpires, it was encouraging that four Lao National Umpires attended the seminar to gain knowledge and to also meet and befriend the IUs from the other Asian countries: India, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Thailand.” Cyril Sen

Notably a number of the International Umpires attended both Advanced Umpire Training and Advanced Rules Examination courses, the intention to become Blue Badge officials. Others who are already Blue Badge umpires took the Advanced Rules Examination either to attempt to qualify as Gold Badge umpires or to meet a prerequisite to attend the International Referee School later this year in Singapore.

“We would like to put on record our gratitude and thanks to the ITTF, ATTU and the Local Organising Committee for the kind hospitality, and especially Ms. Somchay Vongsa, the Tournament Director, who worked tirelessly to provide us with such an excellent venue and all things associated with the seminar.” Cyril Sen

The unanimous feedback from the participants was that the facilities, training room, technical equipment and handouts provided by the Local Organising Committee were excellent; a most successful endeavour.