Online Casinos, Sports Betting Coming To Peru

The country of Peru will soon be home to online casinos and online sportsbooks following a new law enacted by its Congress.

According to a report from Yogonet-, the new law institutes a tax rate of 12% on the industry. It’s unclear which operators are looking at the market. American online betting giants such as MGM and Caesars might be interested.

The measure was reportedly widely supported, receiving near unanimous approval.

Part of the new regulatory framework will include rules for responsible gaming.

“Responsible and healthy gambling, in a social market economy and mobilizing more than $1 billion, is an activity that needs to be taxed,” said Gonzalo Perez, vice-president of the Peruvian Association of Online Sports Betting. “No one can generate profits without being taxed. The profits, then, are directed to health, education, development of tourism and sports.”

Peru has a population of about 32.8 million people, a bit less than the state of California. The new law also allows for land-based gambling facilities.

Other South American countries including Columbia and Brazil have recently taken steps to modernize their legal gambling. Some U.S. operators have pursued business in the region.