Midnight Mania! Michael Bisping questions if USADA tests McGregor on yacht, ‘Is USADA sending people in a f—king helicopter?’

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Conor McGregor’s yacht is pretty dang cool. A 63-foot Lamborghini Technomar super yacht worth more than $3 million, it’s totally understandable why the superstar wants to float around the globe, going to cool places like the Monaco Grand Prix. If you’re the richest man in the sport recovering from injury, why not enjoy the downtime?

McGregor doesn’t have a fight, so he’s especially free to do whatever he likes in his offseason. At the same time, UFC fighters are eligible to be randomly drug tested 365 days out of the year. McGregor isn’t doing anything wrong by traveling constantly and/or floating around in the ocean, but how can United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) possibly test him? Michael Bisping brought up the question on his Believe You Me podcast, and he doesn’t exactly have an answer.

“I do wonder though. I’m gonna get f—king s—t on for this,” Bisping began. (via SportsKeeda). “How do they test Conor McGregor floating on a boat around the world all the time?… I’ve wondered that. When I see him on his boat all the time. Granted, he’s probably not posting in real time exactly where he is at that time. Seemingly though, he’s on a boat most of the time. Is USADA sending people in a f—king helicopter to drop on Conor’s boat? No.”

At some point in the likely near future, McGregor will have to settle in one place more often to train for his return to action in the fall. He’ll be far more testable at that point, but until then, McGregor certainly seems to have accidentally found a loophole in the random testing system.

Good thing more UFC fighters cannot afford yachts.


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