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Chris Caserta’s partner Brittany Wise has posted a devastating message on social media saying goodbye to the Australian jockey.

Caserta’s body was found floating 200m offshore of a Gold Coast beach on Friday following a widespread air, land and sea search for the popular young rider.

The 26-year-old disappeared during a swim at Surfers Paradise on Wednesday night.

Wise, who had been in a relationship with Caserta for more than two years, has shared her grief in heartbreaking messages posted on Facebook and Instagram.

“I am broken,” she wrote alongside a photo showing her kissing Caserta’s cheek.

“My man has been found and can be brought home. I am broken. Today’s for you bub, I love you.”

Brittany Wise posted heartbreaking messages on Facebook and Instagram. Photo: Facebook.Source: Facebook

She had earlier posted a message on Thursday night, praying for Caserta’s body to be rescued after police confirmed the focus of the ongoing search had shifted away from a rescue mission and towards the search for Caserta’s body.

In the post she also reveals gut wrenching details of their final phone call.

“At 6.49pm last night (Wednesday) I got a call from Chris saying ‘I’m going out with the boys, I promise I’ll talk to you throughout the night ok bubby I love you so much,” she wrote on Facebook alongside a post that shared more than 20 photos of the couple together.

“And that was the very last time I heard from him.

“I wish we could wake up from this horrible dream and all of this could be over, to say I’m heartbroken is an understatement, my heart is aching and I need you here with me.

“I refuse to believe any of this is true until you are back in my arms. I promise we will find you bub, I don’t care how long it takes we will find you and bring you home.

“I need you, we all need you. A million moments together I took for granted, I would of hugged you 100 times tighter when I last seen you on Tuesday morning.

“I actually wouldn’t have let you go. You can’t leave me Chris.

“If love alone could of saved you, you’d be here. I love you so damn much. You’ll be in my heart forever, until we meet again bubby.”

Caserta was swimming at Surfers Paradise with apprentice jockey Amy Graham, 25.

It is believed they were caught in a rip.

Apprentice and trackwork rider Amy Graham.Source: Supplied
Jockey Chris Caserta. Photo: AAPImage/George Salpigtidis.Source: AAP

Bystanders heard Graham screaming and rushed to help her out of the water, but Caserta was unable to make it to shore.

Graham was taken to Gold Coast University hospital in a stable condition, having inhaled some water.

On Friday morning she shared an emotional Facebook tribute to Mr Caserta.

“I’m lost for words. It hit hard this morning when I realised your smiling face wouldn’t be seen to greet me at work anymore,” Graham wrote.

“I don’t even know how to feel, I don’t know what to say except that I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you. I tried so so hard to make sure we both got out of there alive. Where ever you are, please know that I did everything I could to save you, and I wish I could have done more.

The area where Chris Caserta’s body was recovered on Friday.Source: Supplied

“Wednesday night was the most traumatic, scariest and saddest night of my life. Neither of us intended for such an innocent decision to turn out so bad. You just wanted to live in the moment and be unapologeticly you. Who would ever think something like this would happen to yourself or your mates.

“Chris, rest easy and keep smiling up there. We all love you.”

Brittany Wise’s father and Murwillumbah-based horse trainer Steven said the whole ordeal had “been horrendous” on the family.

“It is something we haven’t come to terms with yet and I don’t know when we will,” Mr Wise said. “It is something pretty horrendous that happens in the world but you don’t think it will happen to you and when it does you can’t believe it.”

Caserta relocated to the Sunshine State last year to chase more lucrative career opportunities.

He is most renowned for his 2019 race on Jedastar in the Group 1 Lightning Stakes at Flemington, when he rode at just 44kg after a dramatic weight loss.

Caserta last rode at Grafton on Sunday, finishing fifth on Gus Lightning in the 1100m Blue Brews and BBQ’s Class 1 Handicap.

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

— with Alex Druce, NCA NewsWire