2022 European Championships | Senior Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior women’s apparatus finals at the 2022 European Championships, held in Munich, Germany!

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11:52 am. Floor Exercise Standings

1. Jessica Gadirova GBR 14.000
2. Martina Maggio ITA 13.933
3. Angela Andreoli ITA 13.866
4. Ana Barbosu ROU 13.633
5. Jennifer Gadirova GBR 13.466
6. Naomi Visser NED 13.133
7. Morgane Osyssek FRA 12.666
8. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 12.533

11:48 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Double double with some leg form throughout, not bad on the landing, though! Chest just a little forward. Switch full was very clean. Double layout, mostly good in the air, medium hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté full. Popa with a hop into some choreo. Front layout full through to double tuck, small hop. Okay, this was pretty great. She could kick Barbosu off the podium…

And she knocks everyone down! 14.000 (5.7, 8.300)!!!

11:43 am. Angela Andreoli ITA FX: Triple wolf turn. Whip whip through to piked full-in, some form in the air, pretty good landing, maybe slightly forward, little hop too. Front layout through to double pike, good control there, small bounce. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Memmel to illusion, good! Full-in has some form and comes up maybe a little low but nothing too extreme. Double tuck with a small hop back. 13.866 (5.8, 8.066)

That moves her into second place and she’s guaranteed a medal!

11:38 am. Morgane Osyssek FRA FX: Dobule double with a little bounce back that turns into a couple of small steps as well, OOB. Front layout through to double tuck with a big hop back. Popa. Tour jeté half with a little bounce on the landing. Double pike was very nice in the air, big step back. Switch leap to switch half. Great work! 12.666 (5.1, 7.866)

11:36 am. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: Double layout was huge, big bounce back. Split jump full, had some nice toe point on that. Full-in, maybe a little low with a small hop to the side. Switch ring to tour jeté half, I think she can get a full out of that! Tons of power. Switch full maybe a little lack of control on the landing. Front layout through to double tuck with a lunge back. Well, landings on all of her tumbling could be a bit tighter but still very strong work. 13.466 (5.3, 8.166)

11:31 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN FX: Double double with a small hop back. Split jump full. Double layout, some leg form and a little scoot back on the landing. Switch leap to tour jeté half, maybe some form in the latter. 1.5 to front tuck full, ugh, comes awkwardly in terms of her direction out of the 1.5 and can’t get the full around. I think it was supposed to be a layout but she tucks it and still sits it. Hit the double tuck. 13.533 (5.5, 7.033)

11:27 am. Naomi Visser NED FX: Whip to triple full, comes out of it really low but still gets the front tuck around with some form issues in both of the latter elements. Double L turn to double spin, and a Memmel turn, doesn’t do it to the illusion today. Switch half. Double full, some ankle form but a good landing. Switch ring to tour jeté half, some foot form that I noticed on the latter. Double tuck lands very low with her chest at her knees, has to take a big lunge/hop forward. 13.133 (5.4, 7.733)

11:23 am. Ana Barbosu ROU FX: Hit a wolf turn and tour jeté full at the beginning. Full-in with some leg form but a great landing. 2.5 to front full, really nice, her twisting form looked mostly great. Small hop to the side. Switch with a slightly low back leg, to switch full. Double pike, small hop back there but again the form looked pretty strong. Finishes with a double tuck, chest maybe a little low with a small hop again. Very very very nice work. 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

She’s also crying happy tears!

11:19 am. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Triple wolf turn to start. Double layout with some leg separation in the air, and a tiny hop. Front layout through to double pike, another tiny hop but she looks great! Split ring leap to ring leap half, couldn’t really see the form from this angle. Full-in, another pretty excellent landings, all of her “hops” are basically just bounces or slides in place pretty much. Switch ring leap. Double tuck, nearly sticks it. Incredible. 13.933 (5.7, 8.233)

Aww, she immediately starts crying when she sees her score! That was a GIVE ME THE GOLD performance.

11:16 am. Start list for floor…

Martina Maggio ITA
Ana Barbosu ROU
Naomi Visser NED
Zsofia Kovacs HUN
Jennifer Gadirova GBR
Morgane Osyssek FRA
Angela Andreoli ITA
Jessica Gadirova GBR

11:15 am. Athletes marching out for the floor final!

11:02 am. Balance Beam Standings

1. Emma Malewski GER 13.466
2. Ondine Achampong GBR 13.400
3. Carolann Heduit FRA 13.400
4. Martina Maggio ITA 13.233
5. Pauline Schäfer GER 13.200
6. Alba Petisco ESP 12.400
7. Giorgia Villa ITA 12.166
8. Ana Barbosu ROU 11.566

10:56 am. Ondine Achampong GBR BB: Front walkover mount, lovely as always. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, perfect bhs loso loso! Side aerial, tries to go through to switch ring but pauses, does them both separately. Slight adjustment on the full Y turn. Cross split jump half. 2.5 with a hop forward. Ooh, this was NICE.

13.400 puts her second behind Malewski, hmm, I don’t think I agree with this ranking…I know she missed the side aerial to switch ring and had other little things, but her E being a 7.9 feels wrong, especially since Malewski got an 8.166 with flexed feet on most skills and several adjustments throughout. They were both great but I think Achampong should’ve been a bit higher. But she’s still MORE than thrilled with silver, the look on her face when her score comes up is so sweet!

10:52 am. Pauline Schäfer GER BB: Switch leap mount to split leap, the latter only gets 90 degrees and then bobbles. Ugh. Hit the leap after. Bhs loso is clean and solid. Switch ring, back knee is a little off, little cat leap into her dance, full turn, Schäfer with a little scoot to the side, front aerial to a lovely split jump to stag ring jump, side aerial, and a stuck gainer layout. 13.200 (5.1, 8.200, -0.1)

10:48 am. Carolann Heduit FRA BB: Split leap mount and I think she did a double wolf turn right after. Onodi with a little step. Side aerial layout stepout, some knee form and she has a little foot adjustment after coming up a bit short. Switch to split leap. Front aerial to split jump with nice toe point. Ooh, I think this could medal. Double pike, comes up pretty deep and forward with her chest, takes a big step…podium could be hard with Schäfer and Achampong coming up but that was overall impressive. 13.400 (5.6, 7.800)

10:44 am. Alba Petisco ESP BB: Ugh, off on her layout stepout mount. Full turn, solid punch front, sissone to wolf jump, bhs bhs loso series with a slight check at the end. Switch to switch half, some issues with her feet but nothing major, cross split jump half, good double tuck dismount, chest down but pretty stable, tiny hop. 12.400 (5.5, 6.900)

10:39 am. Ana Barbosu ROU BB: Punch front tuck mount with a big wobble, leg up, but saves it. Front handspring front tuck, misses a foot and she’s off. Split leap to full turn. Side aerial, slight check. Switch leap, back leg is slightly low, doesn’t connect to the switch half, kinda misses a foot there and has to pause. Korbut not connected. Double wolf turn is fine. Tour jeté. 2.5 with a big step to steady it. 11.566 (5.3, 6.566, -0.3)

10:36 am. Emma Malewski GER BB: Layout stepout mount was excellent. Side aerial loso with a little bounce on the landing. Switch leap to switch half, flexed feet and a little adjustment on the landing. Front aerial with a small break at the hips. Tick tock down to the beam for her triple wolf turn, waved her arms around a lot but it got around very smoothly. Layout full dismount with a small hop to the side, she’s very happy! 13.466 (5.3, 8.166)

10:32 am. Martina Maggio ITA BB: Switch leap mount, slight check. Switch leap to sissone, nice extension on both. Bhs loso loso, tiny check at the end but good correction. Full turn with a little adjustment. Switch ring, maybe the back foot was flexed? Side aerial is clean. Front aerial is strong. Side somi lands too far back and she has a massive wobble but fights it and shockingly stays on! I didn’t think she’d even be able to pull that forward but she did THE MOST to not fall. Double pike with a hop forward. 13.233 (5.6, 7.633)

10:28 am. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Hit the mount but then came off on the roundoff back tuck after a massive wobble, she looks SO annoyed with herself, hit the wolf turn, check on the double spin which didn’t finish with her back foot in front, double full dismount. 12.166 (4.9, 7.266)

10:27 am. Beam start list…

Giorgia Villa ITA
Martina Maggio ITA
Emma Malewski GER
Ana Barbosu ROU
Alba Petisco ESP
Carolann Heduit FRA
Pauline Schäfer GER
Ondine Achampong GBR

Maggio is in on beam for the injured Asia D’Amato.

10:25 am. Beam athletes are marching out!

10:08 am. Uneven Bars Standings

1. Elisabeth Seitz GER 14.433
2. Alice D’Amato ITA 14.400
3. Lorette Charpy FRA 14.166
4. Giorgia Villa ITA 14.100
5. Kim Bui GER 14.066
6. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR 13.633
7. Naomi Visser NED 13.066
8. Alice Kinsella GBR 11.666

Lorette Charpy had her knee wrapped and was able to walk on her own, including up to the podium to accept her medal!

10:07 am. Elisabeth Seitz GER UB: Chow to Ricna, blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice height there, Church to Pak is very nice, handstand with a slight arch before the van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a tiny step. 14.433 (6.1, 8.333) – she’ll get the gold!

10:04 am. Lorette Charpy FRA UB: Shaposh, toe 1.5 to piked Jaeger, yay, she didn’t do that in the team final! Shang to Pak, van Leeuwen, short handstand before the toe full, arches over but corrects it, and a double layout with a little hop in place but she’s injured. 14.166 (6.2, 7.966)

10:00 am. Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Short handstand before the toe half to piked Jaeger, short before the Ricna, bends her knees when catching and has to pause on the high bar for a second. Pak with some leg separation, Maloney to Gienger, ankle separation there, toe full to arabian dismount, lands with her knees locked and punches forward onto her hands. Well, at least she’s not devastated, she’s smiling, I think she realizes how exhausted she is and is hopefully giving herself a break! 11.666

9:57 am. Naomi Visser NED UB: Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova, hits her feet on the ground and bends her knees after catching, and then I think that made the stalder full a bit tentative, she had to muscle it around a bit, to Chow to Pak to van Leeuwen, toe full is very late, to full-out with a small hop. 13.066 (6.0, 7.066)

9:52 am. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR UB: Arches over slightly in the handstand before the Fenton to Ezhova, good job to fix it quickly, Maloney to Pak, bends her hips a bit too early on the latter, van Leeuwen is good, a little short in the handstand before the clear hip to blind full, hit her toe on the bar in the giants before the dismount, a full-in stuck with her feet apart and chest slightly down. 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

9:49 am. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Great handstand before the Maloney to Tkachev, another great one before the Downie to clean Pak, van Leeuwen, the slightest ankle separation, another perfect handstand before her blind change to front giant to full pirouette, a bit late, right into the double front, little hop forward. 14.400 (6.1, 8.300)

9:46 am. Giorgia Villa ITA UB: Good handstand before the Tkachev to clean Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, very tight leg form. Van Leeuwen is also clean, short handstand (45 degrees maybe) before her front giant series, bent her elbows a little on the front full pirouette, and a solid full-in with a baby hop in place. 14.100 (5.8, 8.300)

9:41 am. Kim Bui GER UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger to Pak, legs apart, handstand before the Maloney was good, to Bhardwaj, some leg form, van Leeuwen is clean, great handstand before the toe full, a little late, to Gienger, and she dismounts with a high full-in with a hop back. Well, that was everything. 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

9:37 am. Start list for bars…

Kim Bui GER
Giorgia Villa ITA
Alice D’Amato ITA
Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR
Naomi Visser NED
Alice Kinsella GBR
Lorette Charpy FRA
Elisabeth Seitz GER

9:36 am. Athletes marching out now for the bars final!

9:21 am. Vault Standings

1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 13.933
2. Asia D’Amato ITA 13.716
3. Aline Friess FRA 13.599
4. Lisa Vaelen BEL 13.583
5. Jessica Gadirova GBR 13.433
6. Camille Rasmussen DEN 13.383
7. Lihie Raz ISR 13.016
8. Valentina Georgieva BUL DNF

9:17 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Handspring rudi, great landing! Still some form in the air both in her hips and knees. Comes off the table in a full pike but stretches out to a place where they wouldn’t downgrade it. 14.133 (5.4, 8.733)

Tsuk full with a big bounce back into a lunge, looked slightly chucked there. 13.033 (4.4, 8.633)

13.583, misses the bronze by 0.016!

9:15 am. Camille Rasmussen DEN VT: Yurchenko double, some soft knee form in the air and a lunge back but her hip position in the air isn’t bad! 13.766 (5.0, 8.766)

Tsuk full, gets great distance, chest a little forward with a hop back. 13.000 (4.4, 8.600)

13.383 average

9:11 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN VT: Big and beautiful Yurchenko double! Best one so far, so gorgeous in the air with a small hop back. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

Handspring front layout half with a small hop back, and it’s equally gorgeous. 13.666 (4.6, 9.066)

13.933 moves her to first place!

9:08 am. Getting a second warm-up period for the three gymnasts who remain. Very important that they took their time to stabilize Georgieva but after nearly 20 minutes since first warming up this is very necessary to prevent future trauma.

9:04 am. They’re carrying Georgieva off the mat. Apparently they gave her an IV right there on the podium before removing her. God I feel devastated for her. And for Asia.

9:01 am. Still taking care with Georgieva now. I wish they could give the athletes still waiting to compete another warmup since it’s been more than 10 minutes since they’ve gone.

8:57 am. They’re still looking at Georgieva. With D’Amato they helped her limp off the podium to examine her on one of the couches, but they’re getting Georgieva onto a stretcher, so things seem to be a bit more dire there. Very sad about this, she’s one of the brightest talents in terms of first-year seniors in 2022, and just qualified to worlds the other day.

8:51 am. Valentina Georgieva BUL VT: Went for her Yurchenko double, an upgrade for her at this meet, but she lands hard and stumbles it back significantly, rolling it to her back and then screaming in pain. I hate it here. 12.733 (5.0, 7.733)

Looks like potentially something with Georgieva’s knee. Medics are assisting her on the floor now but this is so devastating.

8:46 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: Huuuuuge Yurchenko double, not bad in the air, just slightly soft but no major knee bends anywhere, huge hop back. 14.066 (5.0, 9.066)

Yurchenko half-on front layout half, pikes it down a bit throughout with her chest forward and a hop forward but that should overtake the lead I think? But it will be close. OH SNAAAAP, they gave her a pike!!! 12.800 (4.2, 8.600)

13.433 average

8:41 am. Asia D’Amato ITA VT: Huge Yurchenko double, excellent in the air until she just bends one of her knees in the second twist, hop back, probably a three-tenth hop. 14.100 (5.0, 9.100)

Yurchenko half-on front layout half, looked really nice in the air but went maybe a little low and long. Lands it short with her ankle jammed, and then sits. Her ankle is injured. I hate everything. 13.333 (4.8, 8.533)

13.716 average

8:38 am. Lihie Raz ISR VT: Yurchenko double, doesn’t get a great block here, some leg form in the second twist especially, lands with her chest really far down and a big step to the side OOB. 13.333 (5.0, 8.433, -0.1)

Tsuk full, a little soft in the air throughout her body line, gets some decent distance off the table, but lands with her chest low and a big step out to the side again, OOB. 12.700 (4.4, 8.400, -0.1)

13.016 average

8:35 am. Aline Friess FRA VT: Handspring rudi, pretty solid in the air, her legs look great but her hips have a slight pike, lands with her chest down and a big hop back, but no major issues. 13.966 (5.4, 8.566)

Tsuk full, pretty great in the air, hop back on the landing again but not as severe as it was in the first. 13.233 (4.4, 8.833)

13.599 average

8:34 am. Touch warmup is finishing now!

8:30 am. Here’s the start list for vault…

Aline Friess
Lihie Raz
Asia D’Amato
Jessica Gadirova
Valentina Georgieva
Zsofia Kovacs
Camille Rasmussen
Lisa Vaelen

8:27 am. Athletes are marching out for the vault final now!

8:25 am. Didn’t get to watch the junior finals yet but bummed about Helen Kevric pulling out of vault, beam, and floor! She apparently said the other day that she hurt her foot on her vault landing in the all-around/team comp, so I hope this is preventative. Even with the pain she managed the silver on bars!