Sports firm tied to Conor McGregor makes a £3.1 billion Chelsea deal, with a guaranteed fan percentage.


Sports firm related to Conor McGregor makes a 3.1 Billion euro deal to buy off Chelsea, which includes Fan percentage.

Former Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is interested in buying Chelsea FC, after owner Roman Abramovich announced that he was selling the club for a official buyout. McGregor has expressed his love for football in the past and has played for smaller clubs such as Lourdes Celtic and Crumlin United as a teenager.

 The Sports Firm

Mark Kleinman is the editor of Sky’s City, and although his name has not appeared on these pages in a long time (if so). He now has his own column. We recently published his floor today, which includes details of a Chelsea bid from Boston Celtics and Atlanta owner Stephen Pagliuca, but that is not all.

In the same article, there was information about the latest Empowerment IP offer of £ 3.1 billion to Raine Group. They are a “money-making” organization led by a man named Stephen Duval. He is by no means a household name, but has worked closely with Conor McGregor, who has responded to reports that the Blues are being sold on Twitter. Surprisingly, they included a “fan obligation” in their application, which obliges Chelsea fans to own at least 25% of the club’s ownership in the future.

Conor’s Interest:

He tweeted a picture of a Whatsapp chat where he wrote, “Chelsea for sale £3bn. Let’s buy it” with the caption

“I wish to explore this” while tagging the English club.

Just last year, McGregor teased a potential investment in other Football clubs such as Celtic and Manchester United. McGregor was also present for the 2018 FIFA World Cup when it was held in Russia. Abramovich has owned Chelsea Football Club since 2003. During his tenure as the owner, the club won five Premier League titles, two Champions League titles and remain consistent throughout.

Conor keeps his profile standout among other UFC athletes and amongst the highest paid athletes around the world. Majority of his net worth comes from his Whiskey brand ” Proper12″ which is now among the top liquor vendors globally. Conor has mainstreamed himself also as a businessman in the last few years, making him No.1 in Forbes Highest paid Athletes.

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