Fofana a commendable investment for Chelsea – Talk Chelsea


Finally, after months of negotiations (felt like years), Chelsea have announced the signing of Wesley Fofana from Leicester City.

He has been confirmed as a new Chelsea player by the club, and the subsequent media and videos followed. Fofana looks absolutely buzzing to be here and he said all the right words, but you can tell he also means it.

Not only have we signed a quality player, we have signed a quality player who truly already loves our club and will put 100% in every week for the badge. Those are the type of players we need here.

Chelsea have paid £70m for Fofana all in, and many have been shouting about this being a large fee. However, Chelsea have also signed him to a 7-year-contract, meaning that this is a very wise investment signing.

Fofana is just 21-years of age and is just really starting the bulk of his football career, and he will be doing that at Chelsea in a deal that really when you look at it, will be costing just £10m-a-year over the course of his contract with us. I can only see that as a very wise investment.

Fofana is quality, and he has all the goods and assets to become a Chelsea legend, which is exactly what he is trying to do here. I’m a big fan of this signing, and I am not worried at all about the high fee.

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