City Is Coming for Arsenal


While Arsenal tries to stay ahead of the rest pack in the Premier League, Manchester City’s new boy Erling Haaland has made them aware they are coming for their title and they are keeping it in Manchester.

On Matchday 5 we witness many duels that were evenly contested, so much so that none of them could decide on a winner and loser.

Last weekend’s three teams without a win, are again this week’s three teams without a win. Despite playing midweek fixtures and doubling their chances, they were unsuccessful in their attempts.

Some Premier League Matchday 5 Stats:

  • Winners and Losers: 6 Winners and 6 Losers
  • Points Shared: 4 Premier League Matches; 8 Teams
  • Biggest Win(s): Manchester City 6-0 Nottingham Forest
  • Highest Scoring Game: Manchester City 6-0 Nottingham Forest
  • Lowest Scoring Game: Bournemouth 0-0 Wolves
  • Goals scored: 25
  • Clean Sheets: 4
  • Opening Goal of Matchday 5: Wilfried Zaha, the opening game of Matchday 5
  • Premier League Teams Without a Win After Matchday 5: Everton, Leicester City, and Wolves.
  • Haaland the Record Breaker: The Viking striker has already hit two hat-tricks in back-to-back outings. This sees Erling break two records, one being the fastest player to nine goals after only five EPL games played, and the second one, the fastest player to score two hat-tricks. Demba Ba held the record previously and it took him 22 games.

There has been a change at the top end of the pitch. Heading into Matchday 5 there were five teams without a loss, now they are down to three only. Both Brighton and Newcastle suffer their first setbacks of the campaign while Arsenal, Manchester City, and Spurs remain unbeaten.

Let’s get into The Top Flight’s Premier League Power Ranking for Matchday 5!


Nottingham Forest 1-1-3

Last rank: 17

Manchester City 6-0 Nottingham Forest

Like it was when Bournemouth took on one of the big boys in the EPL and got a rude awakening, so did Nottingham Forest when they met Manchester City. This is the first time Cooper’s men have conceded more than two goals this season and since 2005. For this, they drop down from the weekend’s 17th-placed club to last place after midweek madness.


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