The PATH System – Objective Review Process l NFL Talking Heads

PATH is supposed to be a quick evaluation process of what is important in a fantasy player. The concept, more PATH players can present higher % of success. Is any system perfect? No. Does any system have flaws? Yes. But I really like this one for picking the cream of the crop. That’s the goal. Only 37 players qualify for the 2019 season.

Points – A player who was in top 24 at their position for RB/WR or top 12 for TE 2 out of the last three years. This has the most weight in the system.

Age – 30 years old or younger

Team – The team the play is on has to average 3 TDS per game. Not a big ask. (this could have more weight in standard leagues).

Health – Availability can be a player’s best asset, in this case, a player must have played 15+ games for WR/TE for 2 out of 3 last years, or 14+ games for RB.