All Time FPL Dream Team Since The First Season in 2002/03

FPL has been around for a long time with the first FPL Season taking place in 2002/03. We have had some memorable moments in FPL since then with stellar performances by many players over the years. In this all-time fpl dream team blog let’s take a look at the highest scoring dream team based on the points scored across one season. Scroll down to take a trip down the memory lane!

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FPL Dream Team Goal Keepers

A record that has stood for 20 years!

The highest-scoring goalkeeper record is a long-standing one with Brad Friedel’s 187 points from the 2002/03 season still standing. As recently in the 2020/21 season Emi Martinez came close to breaking it but fell one point short of Friedel’s record. This makes Friedel as our starting goalkeeper and Martinez as the goalkeeper on the bench in the all-time dream team.

Quick Facts about Fridel’s 2002/03 FPL season

Brad Friedel's 187 points from the 2002/03 season ~ FPL Dream Team
  • Friedel kept 15 clean sheets helping Blackburn rovers finish 6th in the premier league.
  • Friedel went on to play for Blackburn till 2008 and then moved to Aston Villa finally finishing his career at Spurs.
  • In 2004, Friedel also went on to score a goal from a corner kick against Charlton Athletic becoming only the second goal keeper to do so after Peter Schmeichel.
Friedel went on to score a goal from a corner kick against Charlton Athletic.

Quick Facts about Martinez’s 2020/21 FPL season

Martinez's 2020/21 FPL season ~ 186 FPL points ~ FPL Dream Team
  • Registered seven double digit hauls and average 4.9 points per game.
  • 15 Cleansheets, one penalty saved and 142 saves shows how good his season went. He was also a Bonus points monster receiving 27 bonus points
  • His 186 points where the seventh highest score amongst all players in the 2020/21 season.

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FPL Dream Team Defenders

The arrival of a certain German manager not only changed Liverpool but also the importance of defenders in FPL. Klopp’s men have been playing amazing football over the years and an integral part in it is played by the two full-backs Trent Alexander Arnold(19/20 season) and Andy Robertson(18/19 season), both of them feature in the defense of our all-time FPL dream team along with fellow teammate Virgil Van Dijk who scored four goals in the 2018/19 season along with a handsome amount of clean sheets which gets him into the dream team.

Andy Robertson & Virjil Van Dijk 2018/19 Season 213, 208 points

Andy Robertson & Virjil Van Dijk 2018/19 Season ~ 213 and 208 points respectively ~ FPL Dream Team

Robertson had a stellar 18/19 season registering 21 clean sheets, 12 assists scoring 213 points which to date is the highest ever score recorded by a defender in FPL. Robbo only missed two games during the season and Liverpool failed to keep a CS in either of them. He also averaged an insane 5.9 points per game in the season which made him the fifth-highest scoring player that season only behind Salah, Hazard, Sterling, and Mane.

Van Dijk just like teammate Robbo had a dream FPL Season registering 20 Clean sheets, scoring 4 goals and registering 4 FPL assists. Fun fact: Van Dijk played all games in the season but was subbed before the 60th minute vs his former team, Southampton which lead to him losing his CS points. If he had managed to play 7 more minutes he would have equaled or even crossed Robbo’s 213 points(4 points for CS + 1 point for minutes played + Likely Bonus). VVD eventually ended up as the sixth-highest scoring player that season.

What happened to a Certain Trent Alexander Arnold in that 2018/19 FPL Season?

Trent scored 185 points in the season but he didn’t play eight games and played for only 2460 minutes(VVD played: 3384 mins, Robertson played: 3216). His 6.4 points per game was the highest amongst all defenders and 3rd overall that year and had he managed to play more games he would well finished above both VVD and Robertson.

But his time did come the very next season!

Trent Alexander Arnold, 210 points 2019/20 Season

Trent Alexander Arnold 2019/20 Season ~ 210 points ~ FPL Dream Team

Trent did make the all-time FPL dream team following his stellar performance in the 2019/20 season. Although Liverpool didn’t keep as many clean sheets as they did in the 18/19 season, the attacking returns from Trent made up for it. 4 Goals, 15 Assists, 14 clean sheets totaling 210 points at 5.5 points per game. He was the joint fourth-highest scoring player overall that season just below KDB, Salah, Mane, and level with Vardy.

One of the highlights from that season was his performance against Leicester. Trent registered a goal, assisted the other three goals in a 4-0 win. As a result, he gained 24 points from a single game. His BPS score of 904 from that season was second only to KDB.

Defenders in Subs for the all time FPL Dream Team

Terry and Lescott ~ 196 points ~ FPL Dream Team

The defenders in the dream subs will take you back a long time. John Terry in the 2004/05 season and Lescott in the 2007/08 season managed to score 196 points nearly breaking the 200 points. 2004/05 saw Jose Mourinho become Chelsea Manager and during the season they kept 25 clean sheets conceding just 15 goals during the season, losing only once along with this Terry’s three goals and an assist lead him to finish the season with a whopping 196 points.

Lescott enjoyed a dream 2007/08 season scoring eight goals, registering two assists along with 14 clean sheets. Three out of the eight goals came in the first eight matches of the season. Lescott generally is a goal-scoring defender and during his career in the premier league, he scored 23 goals(12 headed, 3 with right foot, 8 with left foot) and had 9 assists.

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FPL Dream Team Midfileders

Mo Salah 303 Points, 2017/18 Season

Mo Salah 303 Points, 2017/18 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

Mo Salah is FPL Royalty. The only player to record more than 300 points in an FPL season. Salah scored 32 goals and registered 12 assists averaging 8.4 points per game totaling 303 points. Salah had a double-digit haul 15 times in that season including a 29 points haul in a SINGLE game vs Watford scoring four goals and assisting the other in a 5-0 win.

Frank Lampard 2009/10, 284 Points

Lampard 284 Points, 2009/10 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

Frank Lampard was the OG FPL legend back in the days. He set the premier league on fire with stellar performances. He was the highest-scoring FPL midfielder in five seasons( 2003-04 ( 216 Points ), 2004-05 ( 269 Points ), 2005-06 ( 222 Points ), 2008-09 ( 226 points), 2009-10 ( 284 Points )) and the highest-scoring player in the whole of FPL in three seasons. In the 2009/10 season, he scored 22 goals and assisted 14 goals which led to a point tally of 284 points beating the 283 points record set by Ronaldo in the 2007/08 season. Lampard’s record of 284 points stood until the 13/14 season.

Lampard’s 28 points haul vs Aston Villa in the 2009/10 season

Lampard's 28 points haul vs Aston Villa in the 2009/10 season

Lampard scored four goals, assisted another one in a 7-1 win over Aston Villa registering 28 points in a single game. Timeline of it is shown below!

Lampard's 28 points haul vs Aston Villa in the 2009/10 season

Alexis Sanchez, 264 points, 2016/17 Season

Alexis Sanchez 264 Points, 2016/17 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

Alexis Sanchez in Arsenal was an FPL beast and is not talked about very much. With Ozil creating chances for him, Sanchez was a notch above the rest and consistently delivered, he’s also known to be a double gameweek legend returning 27 points(2016/17) and 25 points(2015/16) in two big Double game weeks in FPL when a lot of managers triple captained him. Sanchez also never missed a game in that 2016/17 season and failed to play more than 45 minutes only once.

FPL DGW37 in the 2016/17 season

Alexis Sanchez 27 Points in DGW37 during the 2016/17 fpl season

27 points in FPL DGW37 with a goal and assist against Stoke getting him 12 points followed by two goals against Sunderland which got him 15 points. But the best part is that Sanchez was not even the highest-scoring player that week with Kane registering 31 points(Combined Five goals and an assist vs Man United and Leicester).

Alexis Sanchez hattrick

Sanchez also had another 23 points haul in a single gameweek vs West ham in a 5-1 win. Sanchez scored a hattrick and bagged an assist!

Cristiano Ronaldo 283 points, 2007/08 Season

Cristiano Ronaldo 283 Points, 2007/08 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

One of the greatest footballers of all time and an FPL icon back in the days. Ronaldo absolutely smashed it for Man United under Sir Alex Ferguson. His 31 goals(Joint highest at that time), 6 assists helped him to finish at 283 points replacing Henry(271 points) as the player with the most points FPL points in a season, a record which will be later broken by Lampard in the 2009/10 season by a mere point. Ronaldo also ended up winning the Ballon D’or that season becoming the world’s best!

FPL Dream Team Midfileders Sub

Kevin De Bruyne 251 Points, 2019/20 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

One of the best Premier League players currently and his 251 points haul from the 2019/20 season could only make the bench of the all-time FPL Dream Team. His record is quite remarkable considering all the pep roulette, he missed out on three games that season and was used as a sub in a handful of games. KDB’s 7.2 points per game is one of the all-time highest and he did end the season on a high, with all eyes on David Silva in his last game, KDB registered 2 goals and an assist for 19 points in a 5-0 win over Norwich to end the season. Who knows where the ginger prince would have ended up had he played a bit more!

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FPL Dream Team Forwards

Luis Suarez 295 Points, 2013/14 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

An FPL record like no other, Suarez was in my opinion the best season a player has had in FPL. 295 points after missing out the first five games, without penalties is just insane. Suarez secured 31 goals, 25 assists(FPL), 40 bonus points during the season. His 295 points haul made him the highest-scoring FPL player in a season overtaking Lampard’s 284 points from the 2009/10 season. A record which later was claimed by King Mo!

Luis Suarez vs Norwich City, 24 points haul

Suarez always had his shooting boots on against Norwich

One of the remarkable moments for Suarez came against Norwich when he scored four goals and registered an assist for a 24 points haul.

Luis Suarez scores four goals and assisted the other in a 5-1 win over Norwich

Suarez loved playing against Norwich

In the six games, he played against Norwich, Suarez registered 12 goals and made three assists including three hat tricks. An insane record, there are talks of him returning to the premier league to play under Gerrard and if it happens it could be a lovely nostalgic moment!

Suarez record vs Norwich

Fun fact: The 2013/14 season FPL winning manager’s team name was ‘Captain Suarez(2634 points)‘ and he went on to captain Suarez 22 times!

Robin Van Persie, 269 points, 2011/12 Season

Robin Van Persie 269 Points, 2010/11 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

The second last player in our all-time FPL Dream team and what a legend. Robin Van Persie was simply something else, he lit up the premier league and scored goals for fun under arguably two of the greatest managers of all time, Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson. In the 2011/12 season under Wenger, RVP scored 30 goals, 13 assists(FPL) in 38 games- 43 goal contributions in 38 games along with 45 bonus points. Remarkably he didn’t even miss a single game that season.

His first goal of the 2011/12 season came in the third game of the season against Manchester United, scoring in an embarrassing 8-2 loss, regarded as one of the most one-sided games in the Premier League. Later next year he decided to move to Manchester United and won the Premier League scoring 262 points in the 2011/12 season. Never missed a game in the two seasons.

Highlights from RVP’s 2010/11 FPL Season

Robin Van Persie hattrick and an assist vs Blackburn

His highlights from the 2011/12 season include a brace after coming in as a sub against Stoke when they were drawing 1-1, eventually winning 3-1. He also scored 3 goals and registered an assist against Blackburn in a 7-1 victory. Current Arsenal manager Arteta was also on the score sheet in that game.

Thierry Henry, 2002-03, 271 points

Thierry Henry 271 Points, 2010/11 Season ~ FPL Dream Team

One of the best strikers the game has seen, Thierry Henry set the ball rolling in FPL scoring 271 points in the first season of FPL, the highest-scoring FPL record across all positions which was broken only broken by Ronaldo in the 2007/08 season(He was a midfielder in FPL), a highest-scoring forwards record which was broken way later in the 2013/14 season by Luis Suarez.

He scored 24 goals and registered 20 assists in a single season, the only player to register 20 goals and assists in a single season. His 20 assists in a single season record still stand with KDB equalling it in the 19/20 season, and Mesut Ozil coming close in the 15/16 season with 19 assists. Also, these are actual assists and not FPL Assists.

He outdid himself scoring 30 goals and registering 6 assists in the 2003/04 famous invincibles season raking up 242 FPL points.

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All time FPL Dream Team

Few Other Honourable mentions that were close to making the all-time FPL Dream Team

Paper Round: Manchester United in £60m move for Bale - Eurosport

Gareth Bale ~ 249 points, 2012-13 season that was overshadowed by Robin Van Persie’s 262 points. Bale smashed it with 21 goals, 9 assists, 50 bonus points to end with 249 points.

2009/2010(242 points) – Didier Drogba ~ 29 goals and assisted 10, averaging an astonishing 0.91 goals per match.

2014/2015(216 points) – Sergio Aguero ~ Kun Aguero scored 26 goals and 8 assists (10 FPL assists), averaging 0.79 goals per match. He had 1.28 G/A per 90 minutes, and 7.68 points/90 minutes

Liverpool showdown not a title decider, says Yaya

Yaya Toure ~ 241 Points ~ 2013/14 season ~ Yaya Toure was a complete beast scoring 20 goals and having 9 assists. 6 of those were penalty goals and 4 were from freekicks.

2014/2015- Eden Hazard(233 points) ~ 14 goals, 10 assists, 42 bonus points, 233 FPL points. This was the exact same G+A he got in the 2013/14 season too but only got 23 bonus points reducing his total tally to 202 points.

Chelsea's 2004/05 season recapped: Petr Cech's 1024 minutes without  conceding | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club

Petr Cech ~ 2004/05 season, Cech was the second-highest scoring goalkeeper for long with Petr Cech keeping 24 clean sheets that season conceding just 13 goals all season.

Riyad Mahrez ~ 240 points, 2015-16 season, 17 goals, 11 assists, 38 bonus points, and 240 points in total.

Bruno Fernandes ~ 244 points, 2020/2021 season, 18 goals(3rd), and 14 assists(Joint 1st).

Vidic ~ 187 pts ~ 2008/09 ~ 4 goals, 1 assist, and 23 clean sheets, and Man United came close to the CS record set by Chelsea of 25 clean sheets

Transfer News Sir Alex Ferguson Ronaldo Chelsea Seamus Coleman Arsenal  Rabiot Latest | Football | Sport |

Coleman ~ 180 points ~ 2013/14 ~ Six goals scored during the season.

Ivanovic ~ 179 points ~ 2014/15  ~ 179 points came by the courtesy of 4 goals, 5 assists, and 17 clean sheets (highest that season)

Leighton Baines back on spot-kick duties at Crystal Palace - Liverpool Echo
A defender taking penalties

Baines ~ 178 pts 2010/11 ~ He scored 5 goals, assisted 5, and kept 11 clean sheets to become the highest points scorer among FPL defenders that season.

Research credits:

Thanks to U/sultansaeed for his post on the FPL subreddit a few years back that helped behind the blog, fantasynutmeg website for GW, and seasonal data from the 2016/17 season, fpldiscovery website for their individual dream teams from the beginning till 2013/14 season. Please note few of the screenshots are original and a few have been photoshopped, All the jerseys from the very first premier league season are available on the premier league website

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