Perkz Shows G2 What They’re Missing! MAD Lions Triumphs Excel With UNF0RGIVEN’s Draven!

Perkz remains the frontrunner for LEC Summer 2022 MVP with an aggressive Ahri game to gap Caps and secure the win over an uninspired, failing G2! MAD Lions stay #1 with a sloppy but fun win over Excel!

MAD Lions vs Excel

An epic clash of two of the most improved rosters of LEC Summer 2022 with MAD Lions taking a decisive win over Excel and remaining the top cat within Europe.

Elyoya’s early ganks for UNF0RGIVEN were instrumental in setting up their takeover of Excel’s botside jungle.

I thought the Lions did a splendid job in converting their early pressure into securing camps and vision to pour more salt into Excel’s bot lane wound, playing around UNF0RGIVEN’s insane Draven to set up their win condition.

UNF0RGIVEN has been on a tear all split and his Draven is among his more stylish champions, and his team played well around him, at least in the early game, to set him up for success.


Berlin, Germany – July 30 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 6 at the LEC Studio on July 30 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

G2 vs Team Vitality

Well, well, well. How the turn have tables…

Perkz and Haru lead Vitality to a huge win over G2, following a butchered level 2 gank by Jankos, exploiting that small mistake and snowballing it into a massive win.

The Viego into the Trundle was a curious move by G2 and one that solo lost them the game with five minutes of the game.

Trundle is quite a good matchup into Viego and G2 already saw the Trundle being early picked to deny it from Jankos, whilst also preventing the Poppy.

While I don’t have any qualms about Jankos’s champion pool, I am concerned about how versatile G2 is as a team when he constantly has to pick something that can flip the early game for them to have any semblance of an early game.

I thought Vitality’s acceleration of the early game was fantastic – it was nice to see Labrov getting involved in these early plays and helping Haru consolidate his lead over the enemy jungler.

Perkz continues his rampage through the LEC this split, putting up another impressive performance on his Ahri. While his charms weren’t the most accurate, his proactivity and laning prowess over Caps enabled Haru to push for early leads and snowball the game to a Vitality victory.

MVP: Perkz (5)