AI-powered esports highlights on Challengermode | by Jesper Kvist | Mar, 2022

Today we’re happy to announce a unique and exciting partnership with Reely, an AI-powered video platform for real-time esports highlights. Together with Reely, we’re broadening our offering to tournament organizers and game developers on the platform by enabling automated content creation at a moment’s notice.

Already showing a strong track record in both traditional sports and esports, Reely’s machine vision platform presents a truly unique content opportunity for organizers and game developers on Challengermode. The AI platform analyzes live streaming (and VOD) content in real-time and programmatically generates and distributes fully-branded short-form highlight reels. Having already analyzed more competitive games than any other company in the industry, we’re confident that Reely’s offering will be a welcomed addition to our set of engagement tools for organizers and game developers.

“Reely’s tech gives us an incredible opportunity to amplify tournaments on our platform. It’s a highly effective way for all the national, collegiate, and corporate leagues hosted on Challengermode to further their reach while giving our brand and studio partners more ways to engage with players.”

— Philip Hübner, Chief Business Development Officer, Challengermode

Some of our partners have already had the opportunity to activate Reely for their competitions, including Team Liquid, Aegis Esports, VNM Tourneys,, and Vtrendgaming, across games such as VALORANT, TFT, Apex Legends, and League of Legends.

Feel free to reach out to us at to learn more about how you can use Reely to generate automated highlights for your events — now go make some highlights happen!