5 Ways to Save Money as a Paintball Fan

If you didn’t know already, paintball is not the cheapest of pastimes. Hardcore fans can easily spend thousands of dollars on gear and supplies every month, and, if you’re a regular player, this could begin to put a strain on your finances. If you’re struggling with paintball costs at the moment, then know that there are plenty of ways that you could cut them by being savvier. You can also watch what you do on the field and try to be less wasteful in certain areas. Here are a few money-saving tips all regular paintball players should know.

Watch How You Play

It only takes one paintball to take someone out, so don’t try to play like those tournament players with the rapid-fire action. Ripping the trigger is one of the worst mistakes people make.

There is no reason to waste seven to ten shots on a target, so pace yourself. If your aim is the problem, then try practicing off the field with soft pellets. A bag of 500 paintballs should last you a whole day at the very least, and if it runs out before that, there’s something wrong with your shooting, so fix it right away.

Play Pump

If you still can’t manage to pace your shots, then you should consider getting a pump gun. They’re old-fashioned and not as efficient, but they are nowhere near as wasteful as newer guns. Having to pump the handle before firing lowers the firing rate and will save you paint in the long run. It will also train you to become more cautious as a shooter and help you improve your overall technique.

Go Deal Hunting

If you want to save on equipment, then know that there are tons of deals to be had online. You can cheap paintball guns for under $300 if you know where to look.

Things like protective equipment can also be found online, but we suggest you pay a few military surplus shops in your area a visit. You’ll find face masks, visors, gloves, fatigues, and everything you need for outdoor paintball, so scour around and see if you could find a good deal.

Don’t Pay for the Location

Instead of paying to play on a paintball course, you should consider playing in nature. Some people even set up little paintball arenas in their backyard. If you have the space for it, you could do this by getting inflatable bunkers, netting, and installing paintball turf. This could allow you to have mini tournaments with your friends and practice your skills as well.

Combine Your Purchasing Power

Another thing you could do if you want to save is to buy certain things in bulk. If you have a large group of friends who play paintball, you should be buying your paintballs in bulk. Paint is the biggest ongoing expense for players, and you could get a great deal if you buy balls in large quantities straight from the manufacturer.

Paintball is an expensive hobby no matter how you look at it but you can still save a lot of money by being smart. Follow the few tips in this article and try to watch your habits as much as you can.