July 15, 2024

WWE Appears To Change Two Unwritten Rules At Clash At The Castle

IMG Credit: WWE

That isn’t how we used to do things. Wrestling is a unique sport in that the rules it follows are a bit more arbitrary than others. Rather than a clearly defined set of rules, wrestling tends to go with a certain set of rules plus whatever fits the match at the moment. That does not even include some unwritten rules, some of which might have been dropped without anything being said.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE seems to have dropped some unspoken rules at Clash At The Castle. First, during a tag match, an illegal wrestler could not attack a legal wrestler without a DQ, which was not the case during the event. Second, during the show’s main event, Solo Sikoa pulled the referee out of the ring to save Roman Reigns from being pinned without drawing a disqualification. This had been allowed for years, including in the Attitude Era, but Vince McMahon banned it years ago. There is no word on if the changes will be permanent going forward, as they were never official to begin with.

Opinion: Odds are these rules are going to be as official as any others in WWE, as the company has a long history of adjusting the rules to suit whatever it is that they are doing. That does make sense from their perspective, but it can be more than a little weird for fans when something is a DQ at one point but not another. I’m not sure how much sense it makes for a referee being pulled out not to be a DQ, though that seems to be where WWE is going from here.

What do you think of the changes? What is the weirdest unwritten WWE rule? Let us know in the comments below.

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