Toni Storm Explains Difference Between Environment Of WWE And AEW

Some time has passed since Toni Storm‘s AEW debut in March. She has gotten the chance to work with a number of AEW stars since then and understand the difference in behind the scene proceedings of Tony Khan‘s company compared to WWE.

During her recent Talk Is Jericho appearance, the former WWE star was asked about the difference she has noticed between the two companies. Replying to it, Storm mentioned that WWE is considered the land of ‘no’. According to the former NXT UK women’s champion, a lot your creativity is shut down in WWE. In comparison, she feels like she can express herself more naturally in AEW:

‘I Can Work More Organically Here’: Toni Storm

“Hey, I love it. I love it here because I have so much [freedom]. I feel like I have creative freedom. I feel like I can express myself more naturally. I feel like WWE is a bit of the land of ‘No’. Some people call it that. You’re just really told ‘no’ a lot. A lot of your ideas, your creativity is shut down. Not always, not for everyone. Just for some people. I should put it out there.” said Toni Storm,

She continued, “Some people just obviously can hack it there and that’s awesome. More power to them. But yeah, it’s really hard to compare. It’s really hard to compare the two except I just feel like I can work more organically here. I’m less uptight, therefore I can perform better.”

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