Moxley and Callihan to Reunite—Adam Cole Status News

The Switchblades are set to reunite and face another legendary tag team, and there’s been a development in where Adam Cole could be headed seeing that his contract with WWE ended as of last week; it may just be AEW.

The Switchblades set to face equally legendary tag team, The Wolves, in the Fall

Sami Callihan debuted in the pro wrestling business in 2005 and it was shortly after that debut that his relationship with Jon Moxley began, the two being a part of “The Crew” faction which included other members as well (Dick Rick and Pepper Parks).

Moxley started his own wrestling career in 2004, a year earlier than Callihan, but their careers paralleled considerably as the years went on. They both wrestled for a lot of the same promotions on the independent circuit and both ended up in WWE (although they would have very different experiences in WWE, their runs ended rather badly over in McMahon territory).

But they would be reunited again many times in their earlier careers as stated, and wrestled under the tag team, The Switchblades (a name that Jon Moxley recently registered for patent, as we also reported).

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Well…as it turns out, they are to be reunited once again and fans won’t have all that long to wait, as they’re set to hit the ring for Pro Wrestling Revolver at their upcoming show in October (and we all know how much Sami loves Halloween)—specifically on the 30th of the month. The event is called: Tales From the Ring and will take place in Clive, Iowa, as has been reported by f4wonline.

They will be facing an equally legendary tag team from the independent circuit and Ring of Honor, The Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. These two have not worked together as a tag team in many years and them reuniting is special, very special.

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Edwards works at Impact, and Richards is currently wrestling for MLW (Major League Wrestling).

An update on Adam Cole’s WWE status

According to a report at, WWE has sent out an intercompany memo that was sent to remind all WWE employees that Adam Cole was no longer with the company.

It was no secret that after an extension he signed in order to fulfill appearances and matches for an ongoing storyline he had with Kyle O’Reilly, his contract would end this August, and it did quite obviously, as of last week.

But the internet has been swamped with news about whether he would stay with WWE or not once said contract was up. Many, this writer included, had hoped that the end of his contract there could mean a debut at AEW, which is still the perfect fit for him, I think.

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We also reported, as did so many other news sources, that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was told by sources that Vince and Cole had a meeting about Cole’s future and after that meeting, Vince reportedly told his head writers to write storylines for Cole and specifically for the main roster.

Many believed that he was still with WWE and would probably be premiering on either Raw or SmackDown, but news of this intercompany memo changes all of that for sure.

He had a final obligation last week for WWE and met it, and is now a free agent.

Speculation can run rampant on what this could mean, so I can offer a possible chain of events, but remember, this is only conjecture: Perhaps, Cole asked to hear Vince out on possible directions for his character on the main roster, and when his head writers offered them up to Cole, he declined.

Very possible, seeing what the main roster writers are doing to Karrion Kross right now, isn’t it? I think so, but I digress.

Time will tell, but it’s looking good for AEW, dear readers. Fingers crossed.