Mayhem closes the show involving Team Taz

AEW Rampage comes to us from Columbia, SC. Tony Khan is competing with himself by having Supercard of Honor still going with a big surprise at the end.

Young Bucks w/Brandon Cutler vs. Top Flight

This match is 16 months in the making while Darius Martin was out with an injury. The match starts off with Nick putting Darius in a side headlock. Nick shoulder tackled Darius, but he kipped up immediately. The pair show off their athleticism and rope work. On the outside, they both go for dropkicks simultaneously.

Top Flight hit a double dropkick on Matt. Matt was isolated in the corner while Top Flight take turns dominating for several minutes. Matt finally got to his brother for the tag, but Darius was waiting. Cutler caught Nick and then got taken out. A tope suicida by Dante takes out the Bucks. Top Flight kept Nick from getting in the ring and Dante paid with a Superkick on the apron. He Superkicked Darius on the outside. Matt hit Dante with a buckle bomb and then dropkicked Darius through the ropes onto the ramp.

In picture-in-picture, the Bucks maintained control of Darius. After the break, Dante tagged in and put Matt in a side headlock. Dante Superkicked Nick off the apron. Dante hit a shotgun dropkick on Matt. Matt dug his thumbs in Dante’s eyes. This match is extremely action-packed. Darius and Dante exchanged some quick moves on Matt. Dante crashed into the barricade. Darius countered a Spanish Fly on Matt. Nick and Dante exchange punches and kicks. Darius hit with a BTE Trigger for the win.

Young Bucks win via pinfall

We hear from Kris Statlander.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti give Dan Lambert a little bit of what he deserves.


A HOOK interview! Just kidding. He doesn’t talk. Danhausen doesn’t understand why HOOK is immune from his curses.

House of Black vs. Fuego Del Sol, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno

Matthews and Grayson start off the match. Matthews hit Grayson with a shoulder tackle and Grayson responded. Grayson hit a Tope Con Hilo on Matthews on the outside. Fuego tagged himself in. Fuego got lawn darted into the turnbuckle and then Brody yeeted Fuego outside onto Evil Uno.

During picture-in-picture, House of Black continued to beat up their opponents. After the break, Fuego was still isolated. Grayson tagged and he and Evil Uno took out Matthews and Black. King’s cannonball senton took out Dark Order. Fuego stood up to Black, but the Matthews and King circled him. Evil Uno and Grayson helped him fend them off. Fuego hit a poisonrana on Black. Black followed up with a back heel kick and pinned him by digging his knee into him.

House of Black win via pinfall

Young Bucks challenge FTR for their brand new Ring of Honor tag titles

Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel vs. Skye Blue

This is an Owen Hart Cup Tournament qualifying match. Neither woman had an entrance.

The match begin with lockups and holds. Hayter got Blue in the corner and hit her with a back elbow. Blue countered out of a roll. Blue hit Hayter with a ‘Rana. Hayter answered with a suplex into the turnbuckle. Hayter tossed Blue face-first into the turnbuckles. Hayer with a delayed vertical suplex, but Blue rolled her up.

Hayter answered everything Blue had. Blue got in some punches, but Hayter kicked her. Blue went for a thrust kick, but Hayter caught her foot. Hayter hit her with a backdrop driver. Blue kicked Hayter and she dropped to the mat. Blue went up top, but Hayter hit her with strikes. Hayter climbed the turnbuckle and followed with a brainbuster. Hayter won with the ripcord.

Jamie Hayter wins via pinfall

Penta tells House of Black not to forget about Death Triangle.

Keith Lee vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

After a few minutes of staring each other down, the match started with a collar-and-elbow lockup. Lee hit a shoulder block and Powerhouse ran under his arm, but Lee shoulder tackled him through the ropes.

During picture-in-picture, the two fought on the outside. Hobbs drove Lee into the barricade. Hobbs grinded Lee’s face into the ring post. Hobbs hit Lee in the gut and got him back in the ring. Hobbs continued to dominate.

After the break, Hobbs continued to attack Lee by hitting him in the neck. Overhand shots by Lee before sending Hobbs into the corner. Lee caught Hobbs’ arm and brought him down. Lee lifted Hobbs up, but Hobbs hit Lee with a back body drop. Hobbs powerslammed Lee. Lee tossed Hobbs and followed with a headbutt.

Starks came down to the ring with a chair. Hobbs pushed Lee forward and Lee punched the chair into Starks. Swerve came out to fight off Starks. Hobbs hit a spine buster, but the ref was distracted. Lee powerslammed Hobbs for the pin.

Starks hit Swerve with a chair and then hit a Rochambo through the table. Hobbs hit Lee in the back with a chair. Hobbs called for a table and Starks put one in the ring with Taz ringside. They beat up Lee. Lee started fighting back and he grabbed Starks by the throat. Hobbs speared Lee through the table.

Lee wins via pinfall