Matt Cardona Takes Shot At Sasha Banks/Naomi Walkout, CM Punk Responds

A big story over the last 24 hours has been superstars Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out on WWE ahead of last night’s episode of Raw, which saw the duo leave their women’s tag team titles with management due to frustration with their future booking, and not feeling respected as the division’s tag champions. The original story can be found here, or you can click here for additional details on the walkout.

NWA world’s champion Matt Cardona took to Twitter to seemingly comment on the incident, where Cardona references a time his booking in WWE was also lackluster. He writes, “If I could go back in time…the night I was pushed off the stage in a wheelchair on Raw, I should have walked into Johnny Ace’s office…placed my neck brace on the table and walked out because I wasn’t being respected enough as Internet Champion.”

Responding to Cardona’s apparent shot at Naomi and Banks was AEW superstar CM Punk. The Chicago Savior questions why Cardona would stand up for himself, but not other works. He writes, “If you’d go back in time to stand up for yourself, you should stand up the workers now.”

You can see the exchange below. Stay tuned for more updated on the Banks and Naomi situation.