Keith Lee Wants To Create More Special Moments, It’s In His Nature

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Keith Lee wants to keep creating special moments and fighting for new opportunities.

During an appearance on MackMania with Evan T. Mack, Flobo Boyce, and Jack Farmer, Keith Lee spoke about his goals and how they might not always be in the cards, so he’s focusing on himself and what he can control.

“That’s difficult to say, right, because sometimes the things we want don’t always line up with what’s in the cards. So the reality is I don’t really truly know. I know that right now I’m focusing a lot on myself, and I’m enjoying the fact that there’s a schedule , that I can train properly too. Because I didn’t really have that kind of freedom for a long time. As most people know, I spent five-sixth months just kinda trying to stay alive. And then when I got back, when I made that comeback, it was like four or five months of just on the rose, five or six days a week. I was literally home sometimes only 18 hours.”

Lee then spoke about getting back into shape after his health scare in 2021, noting that he’s still working to get back to the condition he was in before he fell ill.

“Now I’m at a point where it’s like, okay I am basically hovering where I was cardio-wise in terms of what I’m capable of, which is a beautiful thing for me because it’s a very long process when you struggle with some of those effects. So right now I’m just kind of in love with the training. And I think that all the goals in pro wrestling are there and they’ll stay there because it’s in my nature to want to be the guy. Everywhere I’ve gone, I was never chosen. But I’ve always fought to be either at the top or somewhere around that level.

“And I would take it as far back as my main event with Drew McIntyre. No one expected me to go 30 minutes with that guy or 25 minutes, whatever it was, pushed as hard as we did. But those things are the things that bring me the most joy a lot of times., like creating those special moments and I wanna create more of them. It’s in all of nature as entertainers to want to do that.”

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