Charlotte Flair Says She Already Holds The Title Of ‘Queen’ Of The Ring

During a media call that was held prior to WWE SummerSlam, Charlotte Flair commented on the rumored upcoming Queen of the Ring tournament. She said,

“Well, what I think, it’s great because of the opportunities that it brings. It allows multiple women to be highlighted, maybe even from NXT, and for everyone to get involved. But being that I’m already The Queen, if it was to happen, I believe whoever wins it has to face me, since I am The Queen of Queens, right? Like I don’t think I have to be in it. I already have the title. I think they should have the opportunity to face me if they win.”

When Charlotte was told it could be a “Queen vs. Queen” tournament, she said,

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. It won’t be Queen vs. Queen. It will be Queen vs. the Woman Who Won the Tournament. OK? Let’s get something right.”