Bret Hart Says Brock Lesnar Is A Real Professional & “The Opposite Of Goldberg”

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart was a recent guest at a Signed by Superstars event, as he talked about Brock Lesnar recently saying that he was his dream opponent, calling Lesnar a real professional as opposed to Goldberg.

Bret Hart has been at odds with Goldberg since their infamous match at WCW Starrcade 1999, where Goldberg kicked Bret in the head during their WCW World Heavyweight Championship match. Bret would suffer a severe concussion, which would later result in Bret retiring from the pro wrestling business.

Years later in 2002, Hart would suffer a stroke as a direct result of this head injury and a bicycle accident that had occurred at around the same timeframe.

Hart said,

I heard that I was his [Brock Lesnar] dream match. That was just a week ago I heard that. Always heard Brock was a good worker. I’ve never heard that [Lesnar was stiff in the ring]. Always heard just the opposite, that he looks stiff, but he’s a real pro in the ring. Totally the opposite of Goldberg.”