Tyler and Owen Wright’s close relationship helps them succeed

TYLER and Owen Wright have a sibling relationship so strong and powerful it helps heal, scripts fairytales and produces world titles.

After helping nurse her older brother back to health from a brain injury sustained surfing at Pipeline in late 2015, world champion Tyler has revealed the role Owen played in keeping her on track to successfully defend her world title in Hawaii last week.

The 23-year-old tore 70 per cent of her MCL off the bone in a free surfing accident in October which almost derailed her season.

“I was crying because my knee felt like it was going to fall off,” Wright said at Bondi on Tuesday.

Wright in the knee brace she’s had to wear for the final competitions. Pic: AAPSource: AAP

“He was there, he was like, ‘you have this, it will be OK’. I believed him. He just knows me so well.”

Wright, 23, who was encouraged to stay in surfing by Owen when she contemplated quitting the world tour five years ago, was rewarded for her grit and weeks of painful rehabilitation with her second straight world title at the end of the women’s world tour last week.

But at the start of the season it was Owen hogging the limelight on the world surfing stage.

Watched by his sister and members of his close knit family, including baby son Vali, Owen returned from 15 months of recovery from a brain bleed sustained in a horrific wipeout, to win the Quiksilver Pro opening event of the World Tour on the Gold Coast.

Wright finished ahead of Aussies Steph Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons in the title race. Pic: AAPSource: AAP

He said at the time the win was a testament to the love and support of his family who had never wavered in their determination to see him return to full health.

Wright, back in Sydney yesterday to honour her world championship commitments, returns to Hawaii this week to be beside Owen as he competes at the Pipe Masters for the first time since his accident in training for the event in 2015.

“I don’t stress about it anymore,” said Wright who has already watched a video of her brother barrelling at Pipeline ahead of the potential start of the Billabong Pipe Masters this weekend.

“I feel the most stressful bit for me is over. He is so far into his recovery now I don’t have to stress about it.”

“I’m excited to see him surf at Pipe again. It’s cool to see him doing his thing.”