Spain’s 100% record in Sardinia extended with victory over Hungary

Spain are in the driving seat to win the Sardinia Cup after beating Hungary with a well-earned 11-6 victory. Bea Ortiz was the leading scorer in the match with a hat-trick.

Spain took a 3-1 lead after the first eight minutes (Ortiz, Gonzalez, Forca), but their advantage was cut to just a single score at half time with goals from Kamilla Farago and Krisztina Garda for Hungary. Miki Oca’s side restored the two goal lead into the last, but it was a brace apiece for Cristina Nogue and Elena Ruiz who made the result comfortable.

A second hat-trick in as many games for Brigitte Sleeking helped the Netherlands beat Greece 12-10. A key phase in the game, 24 seconds from the end of the first half, saw ZV De Zaan’s Bent Rogge give the Dutch the a 6-5  lead, before Brigitte Sleeking’s man-up conversion from Maria Patra’s exclusion doubled the Oranges’ advantage. The Netherlands then had a three goal wedge, with Maud Koopman scoring in back to back games. Greece couldn’t make up the ground, even considering Eleftheria Plevritou’s last quarter brace. Alexia Kammenou’s team are still without a win in Sardinia.

The last game on was not a close match up, with Italy winning 20-9. NC Milan’s Anna Repetto netted four goals, as did SIS Roma’s Sofia Giustini. The exciting youngster from Ekipe Orizzonte, Dafne Bettini, scored a hat-trick.

Greece 10-12 Netherlands (1-2, 4-4, 2-3, 3-3)

Greece: I. Stamatopoulou, E. Plevritou 2, I. Chydirioti 1, E. Elliniadi, M. Plevritou 2, E. Xenaki 3, E. Ninou, M. Patra, F. Angelidi, V. Plevritou 1, A. Giannopoulou 1, M. Myriokefalitaki, E. Sotireli, E. Tsimara, E. Fountontou,

Netherlands: L. Aarts, I. Wolves 1, B. Sleeking 3, S. Van der Sloot, S. Van de Kraats 1, B. Rogge 1, V. Sevenich 2, R. Voorvelt, M. Koopman 1, N. Ten Broek 1, B. Van den Dobbelsteen, F. Bosveld 1, M. Van der Weijden

Spain 11-6 Hungary (3-1, 1-2, 2-1, 5-2)

Spain: L. Ester, C. Nogue 2, M. Palacio, B. Ortiz 3, N. Perez 1, I. Gonzalez 2, E. Ruiz 2, P. Pena, J. Forca 1, P. Camus, M. Garcia, P. Leiton, M. Terre

Hungary: A. Kiss, D. Szilagyi, V. Valyi, G. Gurisatti, B. Horvath 1, G. Mahieu 1, T. Farkas, K. Peresztegi-Nagy, D. Leimeter, N. Rybanska, K. Farago 2, K. Garda 2, A. Magyari, D. Domsodi


Italy 20-9 Israel (6-3, 7-3, 4-1, 3-2)

Italy: A. Condorelli, A. Repetto 4, L. Di Claudio, S. Avegno 2, L. Cergol 1, D. Bettini 3, D. Picozzi 1, V. Gant 1, S. Giustini 4, A. Cocchiere 3, G. Galardi 1, S. Cordovani, C. Banchelli

Israel: A. Peres, A. Yaacobi 1, Y. Farkash, M. Bogachenko 1, V. Kordonskaia, H. Futorian 2, S. Strugo 2, L. Ben David, D. Menakerman 1, N. Sasover, N. Hochberg 2, M. Lindhout, I. Geva, T. Levi, N. Markovsky


  1. Spain – 3 – 9pts
  2. Hungary – 3 – 6pts
  3. Netherlands – 3 – 6pts
  4. Italy – 3 – 4pts
  5. Greece – 3 – 1pts
  6. Israel – 3 – 0pts

Tomorrow’s fixtures

8:30 – Israel vs Greece

16:30 – Netherlands vs Israel

18:30 – Greece vs Spain

20:00 – Italy vs Hungary

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