“On the Ball with the GM”

Dear Water Polo players, officials, and stakeholders, 

I have now been in the role as your new GM for a couple of weeks and wanted to start the process of providing you all with regular news updates to ensure you are as informed as possible regarding everything Water Polo in WA.

My intention will be to circulate a news update every fortnight that will be posted on our website but also via our social media platforms. Good communication between all of us is a key to delivering on our respective roles and responsibilities, and I will be working hard to facilitate this.

I will also be saving a spot for good news stories from clubs and associations on a rotation basis moving forward.

There are many new projects and initiatives currently underway and of course plenty of “business as usual”. 

Strategic Planning – Water Polo WA Values

The organisation has recently completed a strategic planning process and the WPWA Board have generated a Strategic Plan and associated Key Performable Measures to take us to 2025 and beyond.

I will be posting a summary of the plan and the Governance Structure on the website for your information in due course. The Governance structure will identify the supporting committees and working groups as well as staff that will work to deliver on the strategic objectives. “Living our values” is the key to everything and Unity within our sport the overriding focus.

Performance Pathway Program Review

We are currently undergoing a review of the Performance Pathway Program. This review is an important component of the Service Level Agreement between WPWAI, WPA, WAIS, the Northern and Southern Conferences and Clubs. The review will be used to evaluate the program and identify what elements have worked well and where improvements can be made. The findings from the review will initially be presented to members of the Performance Pathway Management Committee for consideration. As you can imagine, this process will take a little time and, in the meantime, we will need to proceed with existing processes and procedures.


You will have seen the post regarding my appointment along with a little background. Also, and very importantly, a recognition of the great work done by Sue Gliddon. 

Sharan Colliss resigned just before I started, but I have had the opportunity to meet with Sharan and follow up on several things including the role and where this fits best moving forward. 

Bruno Barna and Clare Barber are continuing in their respective roles in Competitions and Club Development, and I will be looking into some resources for Participation, Regional Development and Profile and Marketing. Participation will be a priority focus for me. There will be some changes in the roles and responsibilities, and I will communicate this to you so that you can direct your questions to the right place and receive timely and useful responses. Please do be mindful that Clare works two days a week and Bruno 3 days per week.

Australian Youth Championships (AYC)

WPWA has the honour and responsibility of hosting the AYC in January 2023.

This is a major event and one that we are committed to delivering to a very high standard. At this stage I will be engaging with the major stakeholders to clarify roles and responsibilities before necessarily forming a project team that can focus on the planning and delivery of the event.

Western Australian State Teams

I am aware of the need to clarify very quickly the processes around our state junior teams. Of course, we are playing a little bit of catch up with the Development Role at WPWA currently being vacant, but we will be providing some clarity to players, parents, and clubs as soon as possible. 

In closing, I wanted to say thank you for the welcome that I have received, and for the offers of assistance in delivering against our strategic objectives. It will require unity across the sport and a collaborative approach to see our goals for member growth, facility access, pathway development of players, coaches and officials and financial sustainability being realised.

Kevin Knapp

GM Water Polo WA