Dunaujvaros hold firm against BVSC while Szeged hold Eger to a surprise draw

In another staggered matchday in the Hungarian OB I, there were two games played tonight between DFVE and BVSC, and Szeged and Eger.


Dunaujvaros 13-12 BVSC-Zuglo (2-3, 2-1, 6-4, 3-4)

Dunaujvaros: L. Maczko, D. Szilagyi, N. Sajben, G. Gurisatti 1, B. Horvath 3, G. Mahieu 3, N. Szabo, K. Garda 5, A. Mucsy 1, L. Somogyvari, R. Pal, C. Szellak, N. Sumegi, S. Buis

BVSC: K. Kakas, F. Fekete, K. Meszaros Farkas1, D. Alaksza 1, A. Krenusz, T. Farkas 1, K. Hnatyszyn, D. Leimeter 3, Z. Polak, N. Kele, N. Alaksza 1, A. Gemes 3, A. Gyongyossy 2, E. Pecz

A stirring comeback from BVSC was not enough to see them get anything out of their game with Dunaujvaros at Eva Fabo. The game looked to be done and dusted into the fourth, when  Geraldine Mahieu scored her third of the match to put Dunaujvaros four ahead, but a double score from Anett Alexa Gemes, and a conversion from one of the Alaksza twins (Dora) brought Zuglo within a single goal. However, with less than twenty seconds to go, it was too little too late for the side from District 14 in Budapest. Alongside Mahieu, Brigitta Horvath also bagged a trio, while 5 goals for Krisztina Garda takes her tally for the season to 28.

Attila Mihok’s side have four games left – Szentes, Fradi, Gyor and UVSE. Theoretically they can still finish 1st, but it would require wins in all of their remaining matches. For BVSC, they host their local rivals, UVSE next, before they finish with Tatabanya and Szeged.


Szeged 7-7 ZF Eger (3-2, 0-2, 2-2, 2-1)

Szeged: B. Gyongyosi, K. Szabo, R. Miklos, S. Tatrai, L. Raski 2, M. Pap, R. Bicskei 1, Z. Armai 2, A. Torma, Z. Botka 1, N. Hasznos 1, D. Pinter Bonita, L. Kucsera

Eger: A. Kiss, P. Jancso, K. Menczinger 2, L. Dobi Dorina 2, D. Molnar 2, Z. Katona, R. Parkanyi, D. Czigany 1, Z. Galicz, E. Weston, I. Borsi, K. Bodi Fruzsina, S. Szilagyi, D. Turi

It’s back to back 7-7 draws for Szeged, although the shared points are far more impressive this week as Gabor Lako’s side managed to hold off Eger at home. Szeged drew last week to Gyor, in a fairly uninspiring result, but they really dug deep today and clawed back the result with two goals in the last two minutes. Kata Menczinger, Lili Dobi Dorina and Dani Molnar all netted braces for Eger, but a goal 15 seconds from time from Nora Hasznos ensured that Szeged are now three games unbeaten.

In truth, the top four was slightly out of reach anyway for Eger, but dropping two points today in a game they were probably favourites in all but guarantees that BVSC will have Euro League competition next season. For Szeged, its a very decent point. Even if Keruleti win tomorrow, Szeged will stay above them and will still be two points ahead.

Tomorrow’s Fixtures

16:00 – FTC vs Gyor

16:00 – Tatabanya vs III Keruleti TVE


  1. UVSE 15 – 42pts
  2. FTC Telekom – 14 – 40pts
  3. Dunaujvaros – 14 – 36pts
  4. BVSC-Zuglo – 15 – 28pts
  5. Tigra-ZF-Eger – 15 – 22pts
  6. Szentes – 14 – 18pts
  7. Szeged – 15 – 12pts
  8. III Keruleti TVE – 14 – 7pts
  9. GYVSE Gyor – 14 – 4pts
  10. Tatabanya – 14 – 3pts


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