2022 European Championships – Travel Guide to Split (tickets, transport, accommodation…)

Heading to Split this summer for the European Championships? Need a helping hand to make travel, hotel or ticket arrangements? Well look no further, at Total Waterpolo we have you covered.

We have compiled all the information you will need to make sure your visit to watch one of the most exciting European Championships is as easy and stress-free as possible. We have done the research so you don’t have to!

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The 35th European Championships will take place over fifteen days (29th August-10th September)  in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Split. The city is not only hugely attractive, but it also has a big water polo tradition, and is home to the two-time Champions League winners, Jadran Split. 

In the men’s competition, sixteen teams are divided into four groups of four, while the women’s edition of the tournament features twelve teams, split into two groups of six. You can read more about the format via this link.

As always, we will bring you live scoring via our Total Arena application, as well as high quality game by game reporting so you never miss any action. Make sure that you follow all of our social media pages in the build up to get access to exclusive interviews with the continents top players and coaches.

Men’s Draw

Group A – Italy, Georgia, Slovakia, Montenegro

Group B – Greece, Malta, France, Croatia

Group C –  Romania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands

Group D – Serbia, Hungary, Israel, Slovenia

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Women’s Draw

Group A – Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Netherlands, Romania

Group B – Serbia, France, Slovakia, Italy, Israel, Spain

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The European Championships will take place at the Spaladium Arena, a multifunctional, indoor sports arena. The venue has played host to a variety of concerts and sporting events – most notably the 2009 Handball World Championships. It has a full capacity of 12,000, although we expect that the number of spectators for the European Championships will be slightly less (9,000). 

The pool is slightly north of the city centre, and is a stone’s throw away from Stadion Poljud, home to one of Croatia’s top football clubs, Hajduk Split. 

Bus number 7 can drop you just a two minute walk from the pool, but it is also walkable from the city centre. 



Split has its own international airport with a number of major airlines operating daily flights including Croatia Airlines, EasyJet, Transavia and Wizz Air. 

The airport is situated about 25km from the Spaladium Arena – where all the action will take place. There are regular bus services (Line 2, 37 & 38 ) from the Airport to the centre of the city with a journey time of just under an hour. There is also a shuttle service that operates into the heart of Split which is slightly quicker, costing 45,00kn/ €6,40. 

Taxis and car rental services are also available, but this can be expensive. Some reputable companies in Split include Radio Taxi, Zuti Taxi, as well as Cammeo and Bolt. A fare from the airport should not cost more than approximately 200,00kn /  26,60.

There are a variety of methods to travel around the city. Bus is a fairly convenient and affordable option. The bus service divides the city into several zones, but the majority of Split, the city centre, and the Spaladium pool is located within zone 1. Tickets can be brought at designated kiosks dotted around the city, or on the bus. Single fare tickets brought from the kiosk cost 9,00kn/ €1,30, while the price is 11,00kn/ €1,33 when purchased on the bus. If you are spending the day travelling around the city, perhaps exploring before going to a match, a daily ticket may be a more suitable option. These can be purchased for 30,00kn/  €3,99. 



Split is home to a number of hotels, however due its ever-growing popularity as a holiday destination, it is advisable to book rooms well in advance. Private accommodation prices and room availability within 30 minutes walking distance to the pool are constantly changing, but an approximate cost of a double-room can vary between €40-90 per night. The cost is typically higher for hotels. 

There are a number of hotels, AirBnb or private hosts within a 10 minute walk from the pool, however these are pricier, approximately €100 a night. 

It is worth researching what is best for your personal circumstances, when you will be in Split and what your budget is. With the remanence of COVID-19 still in Europe, there may be some excellent last-minute cancellation deals that may make your stay cheaper. Some of the bigger hotels also include transit to and from the airport in the price. Booking.com, for example, will often provide free transport from the airport when you spend a certain amount on a room. 



Tickets are currently available to purchase via the Official EWPC 2022 Split website. There are a variety of ticketing options available including day passes for the women’s competition, or passes for individual sessions in the morning, afternoon or evening for the men’s tournament. Pricing can be seen below:

Women’s Preliminary Round day pass – €6,00 

Men’s Preliminary Round (per session) –  €7,50  

Men’s Classification Round (per session) – €8,60 

Women’s Quarter-finals day pass – €8,60 

Men’s Quarter-finals (per session) – €9,95

Women’s Semi-Finals day pass – €11,30

Women’s Finals day pass – €12,60

Men’s Finals (per session) – €15,30



The biggest Croatian coastal city offers huge range of historical, gastronomic and entertainment experiences. Since we are primarily a water polo site, our friends from Total Croatia prepared a site with the all the information you will need while visiting Split.

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