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World ParaVolley is an independent international federation that provides safe and positive paravolley sporting activities and events for people across the world who have physical impairments, including at the Paralympic Games, and the safety of our community is of utmost concern.

World ParaVolley condemns the acts of violence associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the negative effect imposed on athletes and others caught in the middle of this situation.

Effective immediately and until further notice, World ParaVolley will suspend the participation of Russian teams, athletes and officials in World ParaVolley competitions and activities, (including zonal, national and club activities). Furthermore, we will not approve nor hold any paravolley competitions or activities in Russia until further notice.

World ParaVolley pledges:

  • To withdraw the right of Russian paravolley teams, athletes, and officials to participate in all officially approved competitions and activities at the local, zonal and world levels until further notice
  • To not support or approve any paravolley competitions or activities being held in Russia indefinitely
  • To work with all World ParaVolley Members to protect the safety of, and offer support for, all paravolley teams, athletes, and officials
  • To undertake such activities, including regular reviews of the situation in Europe, that will enable us to resume “normality” of competitions and activities for all of our Members, as soon as possible

We deeply sympathise with those suffering from the conflict, particularly those with physical impairments, and support the world-wide call for a swift peaceful resolution of the conflict.

N.B. Belarus is not a member of World ParaVolley and therefore does not have any teams or officials participating in World ParaVolley competitions and activities.

* This decision was approved in principle at an official meeting of the Board held on 4 March 2022.