Beginner Volleyball Tips To Ace Your Game

Volleyball has been one of the most loved sports throughout history. Volleyball is a sport that not only requires an understanding of rules but also skills and etiquette. If you are someone who recently got into volleyball, then you know how intense the game can be.

We understand that you might be facing some trouble as a beginner at volleyball. Thus, we are here to help you out. Below are some of the best beginner volleyball tips that will help you ace your game.

Call mine

The first thing that you will learn when you play volleyball is to call “mine.” After playing for a while, it becomes ingrained in you. However, as a beginner, you will have to remember to call mine each time. Even if you feel like it is an obvious situation, you should still call it “mine.”

Calling “mine” makes the rest of the players aware that you are taking the ball. This also prevents two players from crashing into one another. So, you do not feel shy and call “mine” whenever you feel like taking the ball.

Try to use all three hits

A team is allowed to touch the ball three times before they have to send it over the net. A common beginner mistake is to send the ball over the net at the first touch only. This could lead to a missed scoring opportunity which ultimately means fewer scores.

Therefore, it is recommended that your team uses all the tree hits. You should always think about how you can maximize your score. Thinking this way will help you figure out when you need to throw the ball over the net.

Don’t set the ball too close

One of the most common mistakes non-setters make is setting the ball too close to the net. This does not give the hitter the chance to consider all their options. Instead, it ends up limiting the options for the hitter.

Along with that, a ball that has been set close to the net is also unsafe. This is because, as a beginner, you have more chances of the ball falling your court than over it. Further, if your hitter is inexperienced, they can end up landing on the net.

Don’t land on or under the net

It is normal to feel tempted to hit as many spikes as you can. However, you should control your hitting approach. Along with that, you should have good spatial awareness of the net, including the area under it.

If you are solely focusing on hitting the goal, you will lose focus on the net. This way, you can end up being too close to the net. Since touching the net is a rule violation, it can lead to a reduction in your points.


Now you know some of the best volleyball tips that can help you as a beginner. Apart from playing, knowing about volleyball can also help in betting on the game through sportsbook Indiana.

That was all! All the best for your next volleyball game session.