Daniil Medvedev Will Lose the No.1 Ranking to Nadal, Alcaraz or Ruud after the US Open

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Sunday September 4, 2022

Flushing Meadows, NY—Daniil Medvedev will lose the No.1 ranking after the US Open, due to his fourth-round loss in New York.

The Russian, who fell to Nick Kyrgios in four sets on Sunday night in Arthur Ashe Stadium, will give way to one of three players.

“I’m trying to look good here, but I’m disappointed,” Medvedev said. “Not going to cry in the room, but I’m a little bit disappointed. For a few days I’m going to be just a little bit sad, looking at my phone, my laptop or watching some series.

“But that’s motivation, try to do better,” he said. “Obviously it was the last slam of the year. Didn’t do well enough. Didn’t win in Australia when I had the chance. Didn’t get the chance to play Wimbledon. Roland-Garros, lost fourth round. Here, fourth round.

“I should do better. Should get more points if I want to be world No. 1 again.”

Likely Scenarios

Most likely, Rafael Nadal will rise to No.1 next week. If Nadal reaches the final in New York he will return to No.1 regardless of who he faces in the final.

But Casper Ruud and Carlos Alcaraz also have a shot, depending on what happens to Nadal.

If Nadal doesn’t reach the final, Carlos Alcaraz or Casper Ruud have a shot to get to No.1.

Provided that Nadal reaches at least the semifinals, both Alcaraz and Ruud will need to win the title to get to No.1. If Nadal loses in the fourth round, both Ruud and Alcaraz would have to reach the final to get to No.1. If both Ruud and Alcaraz get to the final, the winner would rise to No.1.

If Nadal reaches the quarterfinals, either Ruud or Alcaraz would have to win the title to hit No.1.