World Table Tennis Welcomes Ganten as Latest Global Premier Partner

World Table Tennis (WTT) announced Asia’s leading natural mineral water brand Ganten as its new Global Premier Partner. Ganten will provide hydration at a number of international table tennis events, including WTT Grand Smashes, WTT Cup Finals, WTT Champions and the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals.

“World Table Tennis offers a fresh and dynamic experience to both fans and partners. Singapore Smash was our proof of concept which caught the attention of the market. As we continue delivering more and more world-class events, WTT’s recognition as the right platform for partners willing to engage with a global audience is increasing.”
— WTT Senior Partnerships Director Kimberly Koh.

World Table Tennis is the commercial and events platform of the ITTF Group, administering the WTT Series, the official professional Table Tennis series of events. World Table Tennis a new era for table tennis events, merging sport and entertainment and opening up new revenue streams for the sport. As the seventh global partner, Ganten joins the effort to re-define, re-imagine and re-energise table tennis across the world.

“This partnership with World Table Tennis signifies Ganten’s long-term involvement in sports. I believe that through this partnership, Ganten will contribute to the continuous development of table tennis, expanding the promotion of the sport worldwide”, commented a Ganten’s representative.

Ganten is a natural mineral water brand owned by Shenzhen Ganten Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. It is naturally rich in mineral elements such as metasilicic acid, calcium and potassium, making it the perfect hydration choice for professional athletes. The company has become the largest selling mineral water brand in China and is expanding worldwide, already exporting to nearly 30 countries and regions overseas.