Friday and Saturday of the Nationals live on Recast

The Mark Bates Ltd National Championships is fast approaching, and you can watch the action live from the University of Nottingham exclusively on our Recast Channel on both Friday and Saturday.

What is Recast and why are we using it?

Recast is a subscription-free live and on-demand streaming platform, which gives fans affordable access to the sports and entertainment they love, whilst rights holders earn directly for every view through micropayments, using the in-app credits called ‘Cast Credits’.

Working with Recast gives Table Tennis England the ability to gain vital revenue by streaming our games on the platform, while giving our supporters access to watch the best fixtures and competitions, and do so in the knowledge that the majority of revenue generated goes directly back to us.

Watch the action live from the under 21’s competition on Friday 25 and Saturday 26th March on our Recast Channel. Games cost between 50-75 Cast Credits (50p-75p), what great value for hours of Championship action! Our supporters also have plenty of options as to how they earn extra Credits to watch the games – watching ads, sharing content, inviting friends to join or by purchasing Credits.

It’s totally free to join Recast and you will receive 100 free Cast Credits when you do, join here.

Live-streaming schedule

The matches on the show court on Friday are as follows:

9am: U21 Women’s Singles group 1: Rebecca Savage v Megan Jones

9.30am: U21 Men’s Singles group 3: Ethan Walsh v Arron Yuk Shing Geung

10am: U21 Men’s Singles group 4: Naphat Boonyaprapa v Oliver Cornish

10.30am: U21 Women’s Singles group 2: Scarlett Anders v Tiana Dennison

11.15am: U21 Women’s Singles quarter-final: Denise Payet v TBC

11.45am: U21 Men’s Singles quarter-final: Connor Green v TBC

12.30pm: U21 Men’s Singles semi-final: TBC

1.15pm: U21 Women’s Singles final

1.50pm: U21 Men’s Singles final

2.30pm: Women’s Singles group 1: Lisa Rinnhofer v Jodie Morris

3pm: Men’s Singles group 3: Naphong Boonyaprapa v Joseph Hunter

3.30pm: Men’s Singles group 8: Graeme Barella v James Hamblett

4pm: Women’s Singles group 2: Jasmin Wong v Ella Barnard

4.30pm: Men’s Singles group 5: Louis Price v Howard Onweng

5pm: Women’s Singles group 8: Erin Green v Eva Eccles

5.30pm: Men’s Singles group 7: Joe Cope v Naphat Boonyaprapa

6pm: Women’s Singles group 7: Amy Marriott v Megan Jones

6.30pm: Mixed Doubles first round: Scarlett Anders & Joseph Hunter v Tin-Tin Ho & David McBeath

7pm: Mixed Doubles first round: Charlotte Bardsley & Chris Doran v Oliver Cornish & Amy Marriott

7.30pm: Mixed Doubles quarter-final

8.15pm: Mixed Doubles semi-final

8.45pm: Mixed Doubles final 

Click on the graphics below to watch the streams.

Under-21s competition (Friday 9am start) – 50 casts

Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles group stage (Friday 2.30pm start) – 50 casts

Mixed Doubles Competition (Friday 6.30pm start) – 75 casts

Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles early rounds (Saturday 9.30am start) – 50 casts

Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles knockout stage (Saturday 12.15pm start) – 75 casts

Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles semi-finals (Saturday 4.15pm start) – 75 casts