Five Golds for TeamUSA at ITTF Copa Cristina Hoffman 2022 Para Open

(by Steve Hopkins, photo by ITTF, Carlos Duarte photographer)

Team USA won 5 of the 14 events held this week at the ITTF Copa Cristina Hoffman 2022 Para Open in Cancun, Mexico.  Jenson Van Emburgh won Men’s Singles Class 2-3, Ahad Bakhshaei Sarand won Men’s Singles Class 5, Tahl Leibovitz won Men’s Singles Class 9, Jenson Van Emburgh and Shad Bakhshaei Sarand teamed up to win Men’s Doubles Class MD 4-8, Jenson Van Emburgh and Pamela Fontaine teamed up to win Mixed Doubles Class XD 7,.

TeamUSA also landed several Silver Medals.  Pamela Fontaine finished second in Women’s Singles Class 2-3, Marco Sephom Makkar and Tahl Leibovitz finished second in Men’s Doubles Class MD 18, and Ahad Bakhshaei Sarand and Tara Profitt finished second in Mixed Doubles Class XD 7.

Events included round robin stages followed by a single-elimination knock-out stage.

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