Coaching Tips of the Week: What Are Your Strongest and Weakest Links?

(By Larry Hodges)

Amazingly, many players don’t really know how they win or lose most of their points. They have a general idea about it, but often the reality is a bit different than their gut feeling. And so, rather than focusing on how they win or lose most points, and how to maximize the winning ways and minimize the losing ones, they just wing it, and never reach their potential.

Rather than spend years in ignorance on something of such importance, why not watch a video of yourself in a few matches and actually count, on paper, how you won and lost the points? Then compile them and see what it says. The data doesn’t lie!

Once you know how you win or lose most of your points, do two things. First, develop your techniques and tactics to maximize the ways you win points. If you have a strength that dominates, how can you find ways to get it into play? Second, now that you know how you lose most of your points, you can both practice the techniques needed so you don’t lose points that way as often, as well as develop your techniques and tactics so you aren’t forced to play the type of points where you lose most of your points.

So, what are your Strongest and Weakest links?

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