Butterfly Towels – Butterfly Table Tennis Butterfly Towels

(By Tawny Banh)

Butterfly towels come in 6 different models in 13 various colors with its very distinctive “Butterfly” logo:  Streak Big (140cmx70cm); Dignics, Streak & Sign (100cm x 50cm); and Erebas & Handak Sports (115cm x35cm).  Each towel features a textured pattern with either dark or bright colors for a chic look.  All towels possess a soft, comfortable feel, and are long-lasting absorbent and quick drying.  They are all made of 100% cotton, machine washable in cold or warm water and dryer safe.  Do not bleach.  A big advantage is they retain their quality softness and durability after many years of repeated washing and drying!  Pay a small price for a long-term investment!  The Handak Sports Towel is particularly lightweight and soft to the touch.  The Streak Big Towel is not only great for a long workout during the summer but even large enough to be used as a bath towel!  Overall, I very much recommend using Butterfly towels for training, competition or traveling.  Perfect for drying off your face, neck, arms and hands after a fun and sweaty workout!

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