Gwen Svekis Is Back and Week 3 of Athletes Unlimited

It’s all Athletes Unlimited on this edition of In The Circle. Victor is back after resting up his voice on Monday’s show and he has plenty to talk about with Week 3 getting going. He chats about the rise of Haylie McCleney in Week 2 and the consistent play of Dejah Mulipola & Sahvanna Jaquish. Eric comes on the show for a chat with friend of the podcast and AU Athlete Gwen Svekis. She chats with E-Lo about the growth of Athletes Unlimited which includes the debut of AUX in San Diego in June. She also reflects on being with Team USA, her former college coach Mike White making it to the WCWS Championship Series and much more. There might even be some Dolphin talk in the interview as well. We hold our Week 3 Draft where Eric edged out Victor to even up the series at one win each. Will Eric pick Rachel Garcia #1 for the third straight week? Does Gwen find herself on one of the rosters this week? Our episode ends with some news regarding Meg Aronowitz and Beth Mowins