Heron Southern Championships at Chipstead Sailing Club

Heron Southern Championships at Chipstead Sailing Club

by Sean Chapman 15 May 07:35 PDT
8 May 2022

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Heron Southern Championships at Chipstead © Sean Chapman

A fresh north-easterly wind brought favourable conditions for sailors at the Heron Dinghy Class Association Southern Championships hosted by Chipstead Sailing Club on Sunday 8th May 2022.

Fourteen boats set off for three races on Chipstead Lake, near Sevenoaks, in excellent conditions. A very warm and sunny day with a fresh bresh is just what the Heron ordered. The conditions meant that competitors could enjoy slightly longer races and for those flying spinnakers they had a nice long run owing to the lake’s southwest – northeast orientation.

The race officer employed a committee-boat start which is unusual for anyone regularly sailing at Chipstead. A tight line made it all the more exciting; especially more interesting as the lake was shared with the Graduate Class Association’s Southern Championships who had just as many boats on the water. At the start of the third race, a general recall of the Graduate fleet meant that the Herons went first and could benefit from clean wind! One sailor remarked that this was an unusual experience for them and because of the lead they gained as a consequence they felt the pressure of being out front. A nice problem to have.

After the racing, both fleets enjoyed a tea prepared by members and the end of a glorious day and long weekend of racing was made all the better by the bar being opened and the sun being out.

The racing was expertly managed by Chipstead’s very own Mick Kostiw and his excellent team of assistant race officers and safetyboat team.

The following prizes were awarded:

  • Chipstead Heron Class Endeavour Award: Mike Hawsworth & Roy Tompkins
  • 1st Chipstead Boat: James Russ & Maggie Bolton
  • Winner 1st Race (Alfred Bossy Trophy): Dave Butler & Emily Clixby
  • Winner 2nd Race (Marlow Ropes Trophy): Dave Butler & Emily Clixby
  • Winner 3rd Race (Croydon Anchor Trophy): James Russ & Maggie Bolton
  • Third overall: James Russ & Maggie Bolton
  • Second overall: Matt Pickett
  • First overall: Dave Butler & Emily Clixby

Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club
1 10350 Dave Butler Emily Clixby Welton Sailing Club
2 9812 Matt Pickettt Up River Yacht Club  
3 10089 James Russ Maggie Bolton Chipstead Sailing Club
4 10343 Jo Mayes Amanda Conrad Bewl Sailing Assoc
5 2200 Graham Long Army Sailing Association  
6 7 Jon Hunt Verna Hunt Chipstead SC
7 9400 Ruth Murgatroyd Peter Murgatroyd  
8 9338 Simon Pratt Lesley Dutton Chipstead SC
9 8000 Carol Martin Mim Asker Chipstead SC
10 10002 Peter Boulden Sarah Boulden Chipstead SC
11 9851 Mike Hawksworth Roy Tompkins Chipstead SC
12 8284 Nigel Lamb Maria Lamb Chipstead SC
13 9341 Sean Chapman Chipstead SC  
14 10049 Simon Nemard‑Delahaye Suzy Wooff Chipstead SC
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