Toyota Cheetahs SnorGUSTUS | Toyota Cheetahs

The Toyota Cheetah players initiated and organised a black tie event where the players and their partners had the opportunity to dress up and enjoy an evening out. The event occurred at the historic Brandkop, built in 1876, just outside Bloemfontein.




To raise awareness for Woman’s Month in August, the players challenged each other to see who could grow the best beard and/or moustache and dubbed the function – SnorGUSTUS.

Proceeds from the event were donated to the MENstrual foundation. The MENstruation Foundation is a non-profit organisation that fights period poverty and gives women dignity.


The Charity

MENstruation Foundation is a non-profit organisation that fights period poverty and gives women dignity. Girls in South Africa miss school and stay at home because of menstruation. The Culture of silence around menstruation limits women and girls’ ability to participate equally in society. It undermines their social status and self-esteem. We give women the right to go to school, play sport and participate in life despite being unable to afford sanitary products. You can also contribute by making a donation. 

A word of Thanks

It takes someone with a very big heart to reach into their pocket and give to people they have never even met before.

We hope that you will continue to be blessed for your kindness and we are extremely appreciative of all that you have done for our charity event.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the event:



Affi Paas

Beauty Bar

Brokers Support Group

Carat Maintenance and Development

Delta Gas


Fegan Agencies

Hoolings and Gentlemens Coffee

I love Bloem

Kaizen Realtors


Konica Minolta


Lewis Stores

Mankind Collagin

Oleander Guest House

Optimal Movement

Rhythm Financial Mentors




Stepp Consult


TBS Brokers

The Food Co Central

Wiseman Group Bloemfontein

SnorGUSTUS Winners


Shandor Potgieter (MC) and Marko Janse van Rensburg


1. Marko Janse van Rensburg

2. Marnus van der Merwe

3. Munier Hartzenberg

Robert Ebersohn, Jeandre Rudolp and David Brits


1. Robert Ebersohn

2. David Brits

3. Jeandre Rudolph

Schalk Ferreira, Hencus van Wyk, Evardi Boshoff


1. Hencus van Wyk

2. Schalk Ferreira

3. Evardi Boshoff

Shandor Potgieter, Zanria and Louis van der Westhuizen


1. Louis van der Westhuizen

2. Cameron Dawson

3. Albert Keuris