Best electric shavers in 2022 (UK)

Something strange started happening a few years back: all of a sudden there were beards everywhere. We’re talking three-day stubble, goatees, moustaches, chin straps, mutton chops, and a whole lot of lumberjack beards. It was a very hairy situation. Literally.

Beards took over modern masculinity. And for the most part, the beard has remained popular ever since.

But we could be on the cusp of a mass shedding. After all, these things do tend to be cyclical. So, if you’re one of the newly-bearded, it could be the perfect time to invest in a new electric shaver. You might feel the urge to revert back to the clean-shaven look, any day now. But if you’re someone who has always resisted the beard style, you already know the value of an electric shaver already. But take a look at that rusty old device in the bathroom. It could be time to upgrade.

If you need help making a decision — or just feel lost among of the electric shaver jargon — here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of using an electric shaver?

Some men prefer the feel of a razor. That’s a simple fact of life. But there are plenty of benefits to going electric. Sure, an electric shave is never going to be as close as scraping a razor across your skin, but they offer convenience and speed. There’s no faffing around with creams and other shaving-based admin — just a quick 30-second buzz is all it takes. They’re especially convenient for travelling.

How much does an electric shaver cost?

You can find models to suit every budget, from around £50 or less, to £300-plus. The higher the spec, the higher the price tag. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find decent, robust shavers in a lower price range. We’ve included options at various prices in this roundup.

Are there different types of electric shavers?

There are a few types of electric shavers to consider, all with their own features and benefits:

Rotary shavers — These are the shavers with (usually) three circular heads. The heads flex and adjust to the contours of your face. This helps catch every bit of stubble in even the trickiest spots.

Foil shavers — These have a straight head made from a perforated foil, with oscillating blades (anywhere between two and five blades) beneath the foil.  

Travel shavers — All electric shavers are travel shavers, but some are built even more compact and lightweight, with handheld designs that fit easily in your palm. 

What is the best type of electric shaver?

It really comes down to a choice of rotary versus foil, but there’s no clear-cut winner. It’s a case of personal preference. They both get the job done. The more pertinent question is whether you prefer an electric shaver or classic razor. Or, if you want to keep hold of your beard, an electric beard trimmer might be a better option. 

What are the most important electric shaver features?

If you’re spending big bucks — or looking for value — you’ll want to consider these electric shaving features:

Wet/dry shaving — Some electric shavers can handle wet shaving no problem. They’ll even go in the shower with you.

Fast charging — Look out for shavers that offer good runtimes from just a few minutes of charge time. Some will come with a dedicated charging stand.

Battery life — Around an hour is a respectable runtime from an electric shaver.

Self-cleaning — Some charging stands double up as cleaning stations, which clean, lubricate, dry, and charge your shaver all at once.

Keep these features in mind when shopping for an electric shaver and you should be able to pinpoint the device that best meets your requirements.

What is the best electric shaver?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. But we are here to help. We have carefully considered all the options on the market, and selected some of the best electric shavers for you. This list includes all the top brands, with the likes of Philips, Braun, Panasonic, and Remington making the cut. We’re confident that there is something absolutely perfect for every face, even yours.

These are the best electric shavers for 2022.