Which NHL Milestones Should You Be Watching?

The NHL season has been no stranger to crazy storylines – both on and off the ice.

But in particular, many records and scoring paces that we thought would never be broken or matched again could be threatened while legends of the game continue to put their stamp on hockey history.

Here’s a look at a few milestones you should be keeping an eye on:

The Race to 50 in 50 and 60 goals

If you love goal scoring, you have to love the rate Alex Ovechkin and Leon Draisaitl have been putting pucks in the back of the net. Draisaitl currently leads the league in scoring with 20 goals while Ovechkin sits behind him at 18 goals. 

Both are on a pace that could see them threaten the 60-goal barrier, while the discussion of Draisaitl being the first player since 1991-92 to score 50 goals in his team’s first 50 games has begun.

In an era where goaltending has improved by leaps and bounds from the 80s scoring boom, it’s amazing to see two players whose goal-scoring prowess has yet to be slowed down.