NHL 23 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want to See

When EA Sports started to advertise the upcoming technical test for NHL 23, that meant the game’s arrival is finally getting closer.

It’s expected to come out in August, and we should get more information on the game in due time. For NHL video gamers, the excitement over even the smallest information on the next game is about to ramp up.

But, as always, it’s easy to be cautiously optimistic for the next offering. The EA NHL video game series has been criticized for its lack of true additions and improvements to the game, with the same bugs being abused for years and years and nothing truly game-changing coming to the series in quite some time.

If there is a major feature this year, we’re not aware of it yet. So, let’s just look at some simple fixes that would make the playing experience so much better:

Crossplay, or at least CrossGen

With every new console video game generation, you’ll get people lagging back and waiting a few years to pick up the newest system.