Fantasy Hockey Preview: Colorado Avalanche

Are you ready? We’re back to the 82-game regular season format, which means more joy and also more pain. It’s a roller coaster of emotions every season because there are always surprises, and the good ones can make us feel like geniuses while the bad ones feel like belly flopping into an empty pool.

But we’re all gluttons for punishment, so we might as well stay as informed as we can to later rationalize why the fantasy hockey gods hate you. Yes, they specifically hate you.

Here is your fantasy outlook for all 32 teams. The annual Pool Guide is available now and also check out Matt Larkin’s Top 250 Players for the upcoming season.

2021-22 Fantasy Outlook: Colorado Avalanche

Last season: The Avs were one of the favorites for the Cup and expected to make the Finals, but succumbed to the Golden Knights despite taking a 2-0 series lead. It was the third straight season the Avs exited in the second round and they could’ve easily pointed to themselves for the loss: Nazem Kadri got himself suspended, Philipp Grubauer wasn’t as sharp as he needed to be and they allowed the Knights to mount comebacks numerous times. It wiped away some of the goodwill they head earned during the season, where they tied the Knights for the most points (82) and highest points percentage (.732).