What have Kyrie Irving’s NBA 2K ratings been over the years?

Kyrie Irving is one of the most exciting players to play with in NBA 2K, but his latest rating in NBA 2K23 isn’t his best. He has developed a reputation for missing more games than he has played, and his rating has inevitably taken a hit. He is currently rated 89 in NBA 2K23, a three-point decline from his 92 rating in 2K22.

Regardless of his overall rating, Irving is still one of the most fun players to equip in NBA 2K. His wide range of dribbling moves and his extensive layup package make him unstoppable on offense. He is also one of the quickest guards to play with and can complement any built team with his stellar playmaking and 3-point shooting.

Tracking Kyrie Irving’s NBA 2K rating evolution over the years

Kyrie Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers as seen in NBA 2K
Kyrie Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers as seen in NBA 2K

Kyrie Irving was the first overall pick in 2011 and was rated at 81 in his rookie season. Rookies in the 2010s received a higher rating compared to the ones in 2000s, and Irving’s rating reflects that. In comparison, LeBron James was rated 78 in his rookie year (NBA 2K4) and Steph Curry, drafted in 2009, was given a 69 rating.

Irving jumped to 89 in his sophomore season (NBA 2K13) and then crossed the 90 threshold in NBA 2K18. He left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Boston Celtics that summer, and his stock was at an all-time high. In fact, his highest rating of 93 was in 2K18, and he has steadily declined ever since.

Kyrie Irving was rated 89 four times, 91 twice, 92 twice and 93 once.

NBA 2K12 NBA 2K13 NBA 2K14 NBA 2K15 NBA 2K16 NBA 2K17 NBA 2K18 NBA 2K19 NBA 2K20 NBA 2K21 NBA 2K22 NBA 2K23
81 89 89 86 87 89 93 92 91 91 92 89

He has yet to surpass his highest mark (93), and based on his recent behavior, that isn’t likely. He has missed more games than he has played in his Nets’ tenure. Recent reports suggest that the team isn’t willing to offer him a max extension unless they get assurances that he will play games.

Due to his controversial, unvaccinated status, Irving laced up just 29 times last season. This year marks the first time he has fallen below the 90 threshold in six years. If he plays most of the season and continues to put up his numbers, his rating in NBA 2K23 is bound to increase.

Kyrie Irving's NBA 2K Ratings over the years
Kyrie Irving’s NBA 2K Ratings over the years

Irving’s 89 overall rating comes from 62-rated inside scoring, 93-rated outside scoring, 79-rated athleticism, 87-rated playmaking, 43-rated rebounding and 64-rated defense. He is rated 95 in the layup attributes, but his dunk and post ratings bring his inside scoring average down.

He has 46 total badges in NBA 2K23, including four Hall of Fame badges, 26 Gold badges, 9 Silver badges and 7 Bronze ones.

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