This Bucks-Jazz Trade Features Bojan Bogdanovic

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Improving a title contender is a difficult task in the NBA. That’s exactly why teams are apprehensive about going all-in on their core until they’re confident that they’re ready to win.

After all, once the core is in place, a team generally loses wiggle room. Having a contending team normally requires a team to have max money committed to two or three core players that they can’t afford to lose.

Often, it also requires them to have moved several first-round picks in order to land those players. In other words, the process of building a contender often requires a front office to part with the assets they’d need to improve their team.

Just ask the Milwaukee Bucks. They won the 2020-21 NBA championship. In the eyes of many, any cost they paid to get there is justified.

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That’s fair, but by now, they’re low on the assets that would help them improve their squad. With that said, with some creativity, improvement is still possible.

Here’s a deal that has them taking a step forward by trading with the Utah Jazz.