NBA Execs Caught Bowing To China In Leaked Audio Obtained By ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ – OutKick

The NBA’s brain trust has no qualms about brushing off their relationship with the CCP as “business per usual.”

In an exclusive audio leak obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight, high-ranking executives from the Association — ranging from commissioner Adam Silver to a team owner — were caught unapologetically schmoozing up to their Chinese business partners and alluding to the unspoken zero criticism against China rule in the NBA.

The leaked audio featured Silver, Milwaukee Bucks owner / former Bill Clinton associate Marc Lasry and National Basketball Players Association lawyer Ron Klempner defending China, and even rehearsing the CCP’s ultimatums, when discussing former Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom’s political messaging against China.

Klempner voiced that the Association had been monitoring political slogans on the court against China and claiming that “[China’s] concern right now is not so much what you are saying off the court but what it is that you’re saying on the court when you step onto the court.”

Lasry forwardly reiterated that China’s golden rule is to not speak ill of the country’s regime during games, which are often broadcasted before 500 million fans in China.


“China’s taken a very aggressive stance, which is ‘if you want to b***h about us, you’re out – which I get it, it’s business,” Lasry said.


Kanter Freedom, who has become the prominent voice for human rights activism in the Association — has long decried the NBA for criticizing the U.S. for supposed injustices, while turning a blind eye to China’s activity in the Xinjian region, which permits slavery of Uyghur Muslims.

Kanter has attested to being on the NBA’s blacklist because of his anti-CCP platform, including court appearances wearing shoes with slogans such as “Free Tibet” and “Slave Labor” on them.

Silver’s own leaked comment spoke bluntly on the unspoken “zero criticism” rule … for the sake of doing “business.”

“You’re not breaking any rule in terms of the shoes,” Silver said in the audio bit to Kanter. “There’s no rule I’m aware of that you’re violating now. To me you know. I think it’s also; look, at the end of the day, we’re also a business.”

Kanter has additionally criticized LeBron James and Nike for promoting causes such as BLM while doing business with China. He spoke with Tucker on how the NBA’s hypocrisy is once again on full display.

“This is the evidence of how a 100 percent American-made company is run by the Chinese dictatorship,” Kanter said to Tucker. “And wake up America. This is the league that you have been supporting and watching. Enough is enough. And this is unacceptable.”

“They are mad because finally, someone from the inside – I played 11 years in this league, I’ve finally exposed them, and I’m saying it again. Enough is enough,” Kanter added.