NBA 2K22 My Career – Should You Go to College or G League?

Early on in the My Career experience in NBA 2K22 you will be tasked with making a decision on how you want to proceed.  You’re going to have to decide whether you want to go to college or go into the G League.  Each has their own specific rewards for making that decision so which one should you choose?  This guide will outline whether you should go to college or the G League in NBA 2K22 My Career.

G League or College

The biggest thing that you need to know about choosing whether you want to go to college or go to the G League is that once you choose G League you cannot go to college.  However, if you choose college you can go to the G League.  So by choosing the college path you will get the best chance at the most powerups and bonuses to help build your player.

If you do opt to go to the G League first you’re going to get a chance to start earning VC Currency right away.  You’ll also earn a 5% bonus for My Player points that will persist through your career.  It really only makes sense to go to the G League first if you just don’t want to waste any time and go simply to start building your player and earning virtual currency.

If you choose college, as we said, you can go back and play in the G League.  The bonuses for going to college allow you to go into the NCAA Tournament where you can earn badge points if you win the national championship.  College also allows you to earn fans and different attribute points depending on which college you choose to attend.  Just like in real life, going to college allows you to maintain your amateur status so you can then sign with the G League after the fact.

If you’re trying to get every available advantage in My Career, you should choose to go to college in NBA 2K22.

College isn’t going to be easy

As this are major progression elements up for grabs if you win in college it isn’t going to be easy.  Especially when your player is rated very lowly and it feels like the CPU gets most of the lucky bounces.

You can choose neither and go straight to the NBA or be a street baller

You don’t actually have to go to either G League or College.  You can go straight into the NBA draft or you can just hang out in the city and complete challenges and play street ball.  It’s really up to you.  However, if building out your player is what you’re after.  There are significant bonuses attached to going to college then to the G League and then into the NBA.

– This article was updated on September 9th, 2021