Andre Iguodala Doubles Down on Kyrie Irving Being a Top 20 NBA Player

Andre Iguodala thinks very highly of Kyrie Irving, and he’s not afraid to let anyone know it.

Iguodala made some noise earlier in the season by saying not only is Kyrie Irving a Top 75 NBA player, but he’s also a Top 20 NBA player. Many fans scoffed at the statement, but Iguodala is standing by it – he doubled down on his podcast.

“As you know, my comments on Kyrie being top 20 ever,” Iguodala said. “Just the notion of people throwing shade on his game because of him thinking the way he thinks, whatever you want to call it, outside-the-box, different, abstract. Whatever you want to call it, he thinks different. I get upset when people try to hold that against his game. I think what you and I were talking about, you had a great point, no matter where this man goes on earth or how long he sits out and comes back to suit up, he is that guy.”